Warwick Ward – a family owned success story is now the sole UK distributor for Tana Shark slow speed shredders

Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd. was founded in 1970 by Mr Warwick Ward and has grown into the largest stockist and supplier of new and used wheel loaders, earthmoving equipment and spare parts in Europe. Over 200 good working loading shovels of all makes and models always available and over 6,000 machines dismantled for spare parts.

The family connection is still very much in evidence today. Warwick's sons Ashley and Matthew, both now with over 25 years service themselves at Warwick Ward, have since the year 2000 been running the company and the growth since that time has been considerable with turnover increasing to fives times the volume it was when they took over the reins from their father. The goal over this period has been to maintain and further improve the company's position as market leader in its field and this has undoubtedly been achieved with yet still more potential for further growth over the years to come. The company has grown from strength to strength and continues to expand.

In parallel to the existing used equipment business the company became a fully authorised CASE construction equipment agent in 2006. As such, they are now one of the main CASE construction equipment dealers in the UK and offer the full range of new CASE equipment, products and machinery. CASE has a long association in the Construction, Earthmoving and Material Handling sectors and is well renowned within the industry for manufacturing machines with excellent reliability, build quality and strong resale values.

In 2012 another exciting development at Warwick Ward took place with the acquisition of the national UK Tana franchise. They are now the sole UK distributor for Tana Shark slow speed shredders and for the full range of Tana landfill compactors. The partnership with Tana was in many ways a natural progression for them as they already through their connections with both Case and their longstanding used equipment division had very close relations with many companies large and small operating in the waste recycling sector - indeed this sector of industry has for some years now been their strongest market.

The addition of Tana to their portfolio has further strengthened their position within the waste sector and they have now established very strong working relationships with some of the UK's largest waste recycling companies such as Augean plc, Dalkia, WSR, Plevins , Impetus Waste and Nottinghamshire Recycling to name just a few.

The HUB team recently went on-site with Ashley Ward at Nottinghamshire Recycling in Worksop to see the installation of a brand new Tana 440DT Shredder. This machine is working on general municipal and C&D skip waste at this very busy recycling centre, and was chosen by Nottinghamshire Recycling because of its capability, versatility and quality. The 440DT has many features, the first one is the side opening door, meaning that any non-crushables can be easily and quickly removed from the machine without causing lengthy downtime, and at a sensible working height for the operator.

Additionally, you can change the rotor screens and can service, adjust or change the knives and counter knives with no long downtime in the shredding process. The design of the Tana Powerpack also allows for quick maintenance with easy access to engine service points. Accessibility also means better work safety.

It can be supplied as a semi-trailer, on tracks or as a static electric version. It is a really versatile machine for both general waste, C&D, tyres and wood waste.  

It also features interchangeable rotor screens capable of producing a particle size as small as 40mm in one pass and dual life reversible rotor knife and counter knife tools. You can adjust the fragment size without any long interruptions to the shredding process. Using the right screen, will give you a higher quality end product and improved cost-efficiency.

The standard bolt-on, reversible cutting knives and adjustable counter knives are suitable for all waste materials – you don't have to change knives just because you change the waste fraction being shredded. It is also worth noting that the unique design of the knives improves fuel efficiency compared to other traditional knife setups when shredding waste.

Additionally, TANA ProTrack® provides the customer and the dealer vital real-time information via GPS and internet with critical alarm notifications and monthly reporting. This enables the customer to keep the process running and save on maintenance costs by carrying out preventative maintenance. Help is also always close-at-hand as Warwick Ward's technicians can perform troubleshooting over the Internet when need arises.

With 6 Tana Shark shredders sold in the last few months alone in addition to the hundreds of new Case machines they have supplied in the last 6 years they are tremendously excited and positive about the next phase of development of the company and are confident that Warwick Ward will continue to grow from strength to strength.

In addition the service team are on hand to service with expertise all existing customers, many of whom are now on full R&M service contracts. They are also happy to take on outside work when required. The parts side of the organisation has also grown phenomenally both on the supply of new and used parts.

For more information visit www.warwick-ward.com

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  • Warwick Ward (machinery) Ltd. was founded in 1970 by Mr Warwick Ward and has grown into the largest stockist and supplier of new & used wheel loaders, earthmoving equipment, waste recycling equipment and spare parts in Europe.Over ...