Warwick Ward install first Tana Electric shredder in the UK at Wheeldon Brothers

The end of November 2013 saw Warwick Ward install a static electric Tana Shark 220E slow speed waste shredder at Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd in Bury, Lancashire. This is the first Tana electric shredder to be installed anywhere in the UK and follows a tremendously successful 2013 for Warwick Ward and Tana with demand and sales of the Tana shredders exceeding all expectations.

"We were very optimistic about the prospects for 2013 and had set ourselves some ambitious targets for the year but to have had the demand and success that we have had for the product is really pleasing and demonstrates the quality, uniqueness and versatility of the Tana shredder" - Ashley Ward "With interest in the Tana machine escalating even further we anticipate 2014 to be a very exciting year for us"

The Tana Shark shredder is available in six different derivatives based on two models which are the 220 and the 440. The 220 and 440 refer to the kN of torque that the shredder is capable of providing. The diesel version of the machine is available either on self propelled, remote control operated tracks or on a wheeled semi trailer. The electric version of the machine, again available in either 220 or 440 variant, is a static "in-line" machine.

Wheeldon Brothers Waste are one of the North West's largest waste companies and James Wheeldon has this to say about how the decision to purchase the Tana 220E static electric shredder came about:

"We purchased the Tana shredder in November 2013 having tried and had demos of most machines in the market place. We decided that we needed to go electric at our Ramsbottom facility which has a closed door policy due to the odorous nature of the material we handle and the noise pollution potential of diesel operated machinery. The electric shredder means that we no longer suffer with noise, engine heat and emissions that come inevitably with a diesel machine.

Having tested the diesel version of the Tana we were very impressed with the throughput and quality of the product that it produces. The piece size that the Tana creates gives us better separation at the back end feeding our granulator to make an SRF product and the quality of the product from the Tana both saves wear on the granulator and importantly stops any nasty material which could cause damage if entering the granulator.

Another big bonus with the Tana is its versatility. In its own right the machine is capable of producing in one pass an excellent RDF product simply by the ability to slip a screen or basket under the rotor which in turn gives us the ability to create any particle size we require. This versatility is one that other shredders are not able to match. Another feature of the Tana which we particularly like is the side opening door which gives direct access to the rotor. This door both serves as a platform to work from when changing knives etc and importantly enables us to have a clean rotor at all times. It is an excellent feature that other shredders just don't have"

The Tana shredder is situation at Wheeldon's Ramsbottom facility which handles all the residual waste left over from the picking and recycling process at their Bury site. James suggests that the non recyclable waste left over at Bury equates to about 50% of what initially comes through the gate and ultimately this is processed through the shredding plant at Ramsbottom.

Of the relationship that Wheeldon's have with Tana dealer Warwick Ward, James had this to say: "Our relationship with Warwick Ward goes back 30 or 40 years in total and over those years they have supplied us with wheel loaders initially and more recently through their Case franchise some 360 degree material handlers and now of course the shredder. The relationship we have is very good and their back up and service is excellent"

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