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Humble Beginnings

With more than half a century of washing experience already under its belt and a proactive Research & Development team that never stands still, Terex Washing Systems (TWS), have a proud and rich history and heritage.  TWS as a division of Terex, was established in 2012, and in this time, they have continued to commit time and resource in developing and investing in the R&D, latest technologies, and systems, in the wet processing world. However the reality is the hard work in taking this business to the position they are in today, the strength and depth they now have across their product portfolio offering  ‘End to End’ Washing Solutions, including the more recent AquaClear Water Management Solutions and GreenLine Engineered Recycling Solutions, in fact started many years ago. Their beginnings can be traced right back to before 1960 within the Finlay and Powerscreen product lines.

The Mid 60’s saw the development of the very first Washing Plants and the following decade saw the launch of the MK1 and MK11 Rinser range. It wasn’t long before Powerscreen & Finlay began to realise the crucial need and potential opening in the market. They knew that the natural sand & gravel supply would soon be exhausted, and with stricter building and construction specifications being written for aggregate usage.  As technology started to advance in the late 70’s, the Sand Saver Dewaterers soon phased out and were replaced by the more sophisticated and modernised Screw Recovery Dewaterers, later to be called the Trident range.

The 90’s saw the establishment of a dedicated washing department, set up by both companies Finlay and Powerscreen, and by the noughties the demand for washing was expansive, so TWS was established in 2012 as the sole provider of washing solutions within Terex. The learnings, the continuous improvement, the unremitting investment in R&D and product expansion over the preceding decades; all the hard yards put in by engineers, channel partners, and the consistent partnership approach with customers; that heritage building pioneering approach to the wet processing industry, and their learning achievements allowed them to continue to innovate; and all have grown from their humble beginnings and has shaped their journey so far.

While its roots are firmly established locally in County Tyrone, Terex Washing Systems enjoys a reach that is truly globally.

On Your Doorstep

With their headquarters in Ireland, they are supported by a Global Dealer Network of over 70 dealers. Whilst TWS continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, now more than ever this Global Dealer Network has been fundamental in providing local and regional on the ground support to their customers across the world.  In addition they have a significant support model from local Terex footprints globally too, such as Jacques in Melbourne, Australia and Louisville in Kentucky, USA for example; and that local support backbone of their business has become ever so more important in allowing their customers to continue operations; continue installations, start-ups and commissioning; supported locally and also supported remotely from their Headquarters in Ireland with the technology at their disposal. This local support is something that sets them apart from many of their competitors.

Let Us Clarify

In aiming to go further; they have spent a number of years developing their portfolio of accompanying AquaClear water treatment solutions and products; acquiring that expertise with a relentless goal to be a single source partner for entire solutions that are perfectly balanced to match the needs of the front end-equipment, delivering those products again successfully to the market globally at scale.

Engineered Recycling Solutions

Havening completed that pioneering step, and being confident and comfortable in their ability,  the recent launch of GreenLine, Engineered Recycling Solutions, simply puts together all of their years of expertise in easy to understand, tailored, packaged solutions, designed to deal with the various recycling segment materials, muck-away, trommel fines, C&D and many more, across differing capacity levels, and different levels of investment. The TWS front end processing products packaged with their back end AquaClear, Water Management Solutions, alongside the addition of some of our patented specialist units, launching in the coming months, make it the perfect time for them to simplify the wash recycling market. Coupling our equipment along with our expertise into fixed solutions for various materials from 60tph right through to 300tph, in an out-of-the-box approach, whilst maintaining the ability to easily tailor for particularly specialist applications, demystifying the seemingly complex world of wash recycling.

GreenLine Engineered Recycling Solutions - From a single OEM.


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