Wheelwash delivers a full solution to Thyssenkrupp steel production plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wheelwash was approached by Thyssenkrupp to deliver a total wheel washing solution to their new steel making operation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After completing the full tender process along with 10 other companies, Wheelwash were successfully chosen to fulfil the order. Wheelwash were then given a 42 day window to design, manufacture, test and ship the completed solution out to Brazil for final installation by the Wheelwash technical team. This process also involved an on-site factory acceptance test at the Wheelwash factory by members of the Thyssenkrupp team to check quality and certification, along with observing the electrical testing of the products using a specially configured generator. 

We caught up with Carol Godfrey, UK General Manager for Wheelwash at their manufacturing facility in Crewe “This solution for Thyssenkrupp is made up of three standard Rhino Ecowash Excels and one larger Rhino Ecowash Extra system for washing heavier, over-sized vehicles. The three Rhino Ecowash Excel systems feature 3m entry and exit ramps with a 4m wash platform and a 5.8m water recycling tank. There is a main control panel, a powerful wash pump, one recovery pump, and a vehicle sensor. This sensor works on a timer, activating the timed wash when the vehicle passes it. Once the wash cycle is completed, the water is recovered and recycled through the settlement tank.”

“The Ecowash Extra has a 6m wash platform, a recycling tank, a header tank, two sensors and a much larger inverter driven main wash pump. This enables the power of the wash spray to be adjustable which brings with it many benefits. One of the other interesting things about this project is that being a steelworks, the site can generate their own power. Consequently, we were challenged to ensure all the units run off their 440v/60 hz power supply, which is a big departure from our standard product offering. Our wheel washing systems are designed with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind, so our recovery pumps are housed external to the wash platform. To make shipment easier, we manufacture the wash platforms in two halves and then assemble and seal them together on-site. Our team always go to the client’s site to do the final install, testing and commissioning.”

“The internal grids that the vehicles drive over are made from reinforced steel angle to aid muck removal. They are removable to assist with cleaning. We have galvanized these and other various parts of the units for some of our customers. The wash platform is supplied with internal pipework consisting of four spray bars which target the tyre treads and vehicle underbody. We have a dedicated wash down spray bar which flushes the base clear, moving all the water and dirt to the sump, keeping the unit as clean as possible. The recovery pump then takes all the dirt and used water away for recycling.”

“We have our own on-site paint shop to keep the quality of finish consistently very high. It also means that we can paint any of our products in the clients’ preferred choice of colours if required. We always send a spares pack of mechanical and electrical components as well as a very detailed operating manual for the client, making sure that they are fully supported.”
Alison Galley, UK Sales Manager also commented “Our Ecowash Extra system also has the inverter meaning that power consumption is kept to a minimum. It only draws the maximum operating current that the pump needs to work rather than spiking at start-up. This means that we are not wasting customers power or water. This inverter system also allows us to control the flow rate of the wash, so in harsh winter months it can be run at full capacity to get rid of all the dirt and debris, but in the less demanding spring and summer periods, the flow rate can be reduced to save power and water. This can equate to a massive cost saving through the year.”

The Rhino Ecowash® Extra is an automatically activated drive through spray wash system designed to prevent the spread of site dirt and debris on to public highways. Like many systems in the Rhino Ecowash® range, it is powered by inverter-driven pumps to provide up to 50% operational cost savings, unrivalled reliability and total flexibility of wash pressure. This closed loop system also effectively recycles the water it uses. The Rhino Ecowash® Extra comprises a robust 6m wash platform, optional 3m ramps and water recycling tanks totalling 36,000 litres capacity. All items are made from heavy duty steel. The system is supplied with quality pumps and controls housed in a lockable kiosk.

The newly-improved wash platform benefits from 10 strategically positioned water delivery pipes that deliver narrow fans of spray up to 4.2 bar to a targeted location on each tyre. The staggered positioning of the nozzles ensures the whole tyre is cleaned without the occurrence of striping. The standard spray pattern is configured to minimise overspray and high side screens come as standard to ensure wash water is deflected back into the wash platform. The wash operates with on-off sensors ensuring water is only sprayed when a vehicle is present in the wash platform.

A unique compact side sump, removable grids and improved wash down pipework make it the easiest system available to clean and maintain. Removable guide rails are supplied in sections for easy replacement in the unlikely event of damage. The water recycling tank is divided into three sections by baffle and weir plates to aid particulate settlement and water quality. Each chamber is fitted with valves for easy sludge removal. A high capacity header tank is supplied to ensure there is always sufficient clean water for use on demand. A mechanical ball valve enables automatic top-up from a mains water supply, when required. This system is supplied with a hand lance as standard for additional, mobile washing.

As well as a large range of equipment solutions, Wheelwash also operate the largest fleet of rental wheelwash units across the UK. For more information: please visit www.wheelwash.com or call +44 (0)1270 214886.

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