While the rest imitate, the best innovate

Doppstadt have recently released two new shredders to their ‘smart shredding’ line, with the new METHOR and INVENTHOR TYPE 6. These two impressive new machines are now available to the UK market through Doppstadt’s exclusive dealer, Blue Machinery Group.


With the Methor, Doppstadt have taken a new approach, as it’s the first shredder that has been  designed for processing several materials containing very different waste fractions (e.g. wood, commercial waste, green waste, construction & demolition waste) at the same time. However, it still includes all the benefits of their larger shredders, offering the uncompromising quality of Doppstadt’s high-performance technology.

The Methor is the only single shaft shredder in its class with bolt-on tools, whilst also being the system with the largest selection of tools. The Shredders’ innovative Hydraulic Direct Drive continuously adapts the shredding system’s performance to its demand. The load torque on the drive is continuously optimised, which has a positive impact on consumption and wear and tear. If the pump pressure increases suddenly because of a blockage, the drive automatically switches to the reversing program, which protects the Methor from any damage.

The load-sensing material feed system works closely with the Hydraulic Direct Drive. It utilises the pump pressure of the drive to control the angle of the feed hopper. As a result, the Methor can be loaded in relation to the machine's current load, allowing it to operate continually and even more dynamically.

In addition to using the machine’s intuitive control panel, key functions can also be activated using the wireless remote control. The Methor can also be used to set up a WiFi hotspot, allowing it to be configured and monitored using any browser installed on an internet-enabled device.

Depending on the required operating conditions, the Methor can be equipped with a hook lift or with a tracked chassis, allowing it to move independently. The shredding unit is also available as a stand-alone component for stationary use.


The Inventhor Type 6 sets shredding efficiency standards. Benefiting from its unique VarioDirect Drive, highest uptime, simple & flexible operation right from the first tonne. The successor of the highly popular DW 3060, takes advantage of the latest Doppstadt shredder technology for your business.

Powerful, dynamic, and ready to use anywhere you need it. The Inventhor Type 6 shreds with high efficiency, whether its green waste, commercial & industrial waste, municipal waste, waste wood and many more applications. This new shredder works perfectly alongside Doppstadt’s extensive product range.

The Inventhor Type 6 promises more efficiency. When compared to the DW and the competitor twin-shaft shredders, the Inventhor Type 6 achieves, at least, the same production as the competitors despite the lower energy requirements. This industry leading machine is extremely flexible and yields high-class results.

Flexible to use, easy to move. The Inventhor Type 6 comes on tracks or a semitrailer with king-pin or six-wheel trailer with drawbar for transport up to 80 km/h. Economic efficiency in operation also means that the shredder can be moved quickly to the place where you need it. With the tracked version you can move the Inventhor Type 6 safely and quickly on any surface, even during the shredding process.

Blue Machinery Group are the exclusive Doppstadt dealers across the UK & Ireland, for any further information on either of these fantastic shredders, call 0345 217 8755 or send an email to sales@bluegroup.co.uk

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