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Recycling is just one of Olivibra’s focuses
OLIVIBRA UK part of OLIVIBRA S.p.A group and the Worldwide leader in vibration technology, founded in Italy in 1961. A wide range of products that satisfy the most demanding applications. Solutions for many sectors including RECYCLING is just one of OLI’s focus.
OLI’s vibrating motors comply with the latest INTERNATIONAL standards for use in Hazardous locations, such as Atex and UL normative. We match our competitor’s footprint and allow easy retrofit of existing machines. OLI has been present in the UK market since 2013 and has now opened its latest official branch in Nottingham featuring local trained staff and a large warehouse, capable of matching the lead times requested from our customers. The key centre piece of OLI’s business strategy is rapid stock delivery, any time, any place in the world.
For this purpose, three production sites were set up in the main regions of the world and subsidiaries were opened in 19 countries. In consequence of which the motto of our company “WHEN YOU NEED IT, WHERE YOU NEED IT “has a deeper meaning.
OLI’s paramount objective is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, who are a key influence in shaping the company’s business model. Meeting the customers’ needs is a priority, achieving a trustful partnership is the reward. By supplying competitive high- quality products for wide ranging applications, OLI combines performance and reliability by adapting to the ever- changing market. A strong believer in innovation, OLI is constantly striving to be ahead of the curve and new products are constantly being developed to complement our range.
Sheehan’s, continue to raise the standard!
Oxfordshire’s based Sheehan’s Contractors have recently taken delivery of the Arjes 250 Impaktor from Doyle Machinery, to strengthen their fleet and continue to add value and choice to their clients.
The Arjes 250 Impaktor, using innovative shredder technology successfully processes mixed C&D waste, glass concrete rail sleepers, tarmac, aluminium wheel rims, green waste, and wood waste.
Sheehan’s tested the machine on multiple applications, including clean 70mm to be processed to produce a quality grade 30mm down product to help satisfy the market needs. The machine was also tested on grade B and C wood to feed the CHP plant, which being successful, provided Sheehan’s with the perfect combination of operational flexibility and value for money.
The material is loaded into the hopper by an excavator, it is then crushed by the two rotating shafts which have a number of various settings, including, synchronously or asynchronously operational features. An automatic reversing function allows the machine to be protected against major damage to the crushing tools, and allows the chamber to be self-cleaned ensuring efficient material flow. The wear tools are Creusabo 8000 steel, allowing for the maximum wear life, low maintenance and replacement costs.
Another highly versatile feature is the machine has side combs which can be opened or closed to produce 60mm down, or 120mm down, depending on the waste stream. Sheehan’s needed to produce a smaller product and with true to form innovative thinking, Doyle Machinery provided the solution.
Key features of this machine include, 13.5 tonnes in weight allowing for transport via hooklift or low loader, a powerful magnet ensuring excellent separation, wireless remote control operation direct from the loader’s cab, low maintenance due to sealed for life bearings, variable speed product belt, a powerful Volvo Penta Engine and low noise emissions.
We got it wrong...
In our bumper issue 50 we inadvertently cross pollinated three stories. The MST article on p21 carried the wrong lead (Martin Engineering) image and the MCT article on p105 carried the wrong text. July 2018 - Issue 51
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