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B&M chose to purchase the 817E because of these unique benefits. Working in a 3-sided shed, their 817E is working over 10 hours a day, 6 days a week as a primary sorting machines – picking out any large recyclable items, before loading their static plant for further separation. Because of the hard life a machine gets when working on a recycling application along with the high hours required each year, B&M did a huge amount of research into the maintenance requirements of the machines they initially evaluated.
Craig Wilson, B&M Operations Manager said; “We run a fast-paced business that is focused on keeping our customers’ needs fulfilled. Because of that, we can’t have machines offline for long as the waste soon builds up. When we looked at serval different options when replacing our old excavator that pre-sorted and loaded the plant, we were not only focused on what machine could do the job, but also how reliable it would be and how well supported it would continue to be by the dealer”.
“Andy did a great job at putting our minds at ease on the build quality of Sennebogen machines, while also providing costs and quotations for both common ware parts and larger parts to prove Molson are very reasonable on the cost of parts and service. Subsequently, we had every confidence that we were not only buying a top-quality product, but that we would be supported all the way through its life by Molson”.
Andy Wilkinson, Molson Sales Manager said; “It has been great to work with Craig and all the team at B&M. I think they appreciated the time I took to come and listen and understand their business, what they needed and ultimately identifying the right product for their application. The 817E is a new machine in the range, but the rest of the Sennebogen 8 series has not only proved popular, but has also proved reliable. Because of this I had no hesitation in recommending the 817E as the perfect fit for B&M”. Nov 2018 - Issue 53
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