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A new Drying Era - The Vulcan Dryer
Asphalt Burner Services are happy to announce that they will be launching a brand-new dryer range to the Vulcan brand. The Vulcan Dryer will be a new addition to our product portfolio alongside the very successful efficient burner range that was launched in 2011.
The Vulcan dryer will be an ideal replacement product for any existing drying facilities or for new dryer process systems. With Vulcans dedicated engineering team, we specialise in
materials, include the latest innovative features, delivered, installed and commissioned using expert personnel and providing our excellent customer service and aftercare.
providing solutions for the end user, may that be to increase efficiency or to reduce fuel costs, improve production tonnage rates or to simple upgrade old worn out equipment.
For many years, dryer companies around the world have used our consultancy services for improving existing lifter configuration and design issues on current plants that make a huge effect on efficiency.
Ian Lewis, Senior Technical Engineer explains, “It is a very natural progression for the Vulcan brand to expand into this area. We have been working alongside many dryer manufacturers and customers, providing independent design & solution advice for a long time. We are constantly asked if we manufacturer dryers and now I am delighted to say that now, yes we can. We have invested heavily in R&D solutions and with new facilities, especially over the last two years enabling our company to provide new solutions for the
UK’s asphalt market. The Vulcan Dryer has been on the forefront of this research and now it will become a reality for 2019.”
We aim to launch a wide range of Dryers from standard replacement dryers, capacity increasing dryers and RAP facility
dryers which will be made
from the highest quality
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