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Developments such as this, shows the commitment we have invested into facilities and new technology for the industry over the last two years alongside the recently launched Surface burner and Batch series burners. Both burner models are leading in innovative technology and are ideal solutions for many out of date combustion systems that are operating in the current market.
The Batch Series burner provides the customer with a new highly efficient machine that can replace old mechanical non- automated type burners on Batch heater systems. It’s an industry first to integrate the same innovative technology as the standard Vulcan range and incorporating it into the batch design burners allowing the same efficient features such as turn down ratio, minimal fuel consumption, ease of control the state-of-the-art burner control system and increased production rates. The batch burner also has a modulating flame feature which provides control of the maximum fuel output, this will provide huge fuel savings compared to the standard on/off flame cycling to current batch burners.
The Surface burner is the leading burner model of its kind, it extends the drying zone of the dryer, by up to half a meter thus enabling an increased in tonnage and higher efficiency. The system also benefits from helping with maintenance issues such as confined space working. The combustion chamber can be accessed without personnel having to enter the dryer. Entry into the dryer is also possible by simply rolling the burner away from the burner end box.
The unique patented concept of the Vulcan Surface burner enables the heat to recirculate back into the burner blower, this feature facilitates a higher efficiency level than standard burners in this area. Increased longevity is assured due to the chamber being located outside the dryer, so no expensive replacements.
A major development for Vulcan Burners that has allowed the extensive amount of R&D over the last two years has been relocating to our new premises, providing us with a new 12,000 ft2 work shop plus extensive yard space that will allow for future expansion as well as recently constructing a full 1,000ft2 testing facility. Within the premises we are also at the final stages of completion, of our brand-new state of the art offices and training facilities. We have spent a lot of time and effort considering our customer’s needs and providing in- house training facilities for burner technicians, site fitters and operators.
The new training facilities will allow in-house training that can incorporate presentation, based training, hands on 1-2-1 breakdown basic training and general overall operator and efficiency awareness courses. We will also be able to provide bespoke packages based on our customer’s needs.
Teresa Lewis, Managing Director explains, “Over the last two years, we have heavily invested in both our staff and our customer’s needs, by providing new working facilities as well as introducing new exciting products to the market. The new Vulcan Dryer is of particular interest as this will be a brand- new product line, alongside our burner range it provides the perfect synergy and natural path for our company’s expansion. With the two product lines combined we will be able to deliver an exceptional efficient option to our customers as well as provide the highest standard of service.”
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