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operation. We have invested time with Blue over the past few months on product training so that they are comfortable with the product and we will also be involved with our product specialists to ensure the customer’s get the best machine offering. We are looking forward very much to working with them.”
HMI (Human Machine Interface) controls
low operating costs and tremendous reliability, all backed up by a combination of the locally based aftercare teams from both Blue Group and CK, we are very proud to be able to represent the CK range of baling systems in the UK
Blue Group Product Director Terry Hughes was keen to add “Blue Group has always taken great pride in partnering with high quality reliable brands to supply to the industries where we operate, and CK International fits seamlessly into Blue’s programme. With first class design standards, extremely high build quality,
Replaceable Hardox 450 liners for extended chamber life
and look forward to playing a big part in expanding still further on the already successful CK story.”
Telematics and HMI controls for the twin ram fully automatic balers
CK have invested heavily in applying new technologies to their range of twin ram fully automatic balers. They are all HMI (Human Machine Interface) controlled which offers huge operating benefit and they have developed a complete telematics package for the machines that will allow important data to be delivered to the client on number of bales processed, power consumption, number of straps used, and amount of downtime. They are developing a system where all this data will be automatically shared with all operational staff associated with the site. CK can also log into any twin ram fully automatic machine remotely via the internet to see what’s happening at any time.
For more information on CK International and the range of twin ram fully automatic and channel press balers visit or call +44 (0) 28 8775 3966. To get in touch with Blue Group, the UK dealer please visit or call them on +44 (0) 1606 261262. Nov 2018 - Issue 53
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