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Working effectively into 2019:
Matching demand with the production lines. “It’s a very positive outlook, forecasting into Q4 and looking at 2019 the overall economic data shows that business is going to be strong and we can take more share in the market, so it is very positive for Sandvik mobiles.
Our production schedule and capacity are driven by close co- operation with our sales channels on what is required in a given period. This all ties in with our suppliers who are fed the information, so they can supply and react accordingly if we see a change in demand.”
Factory tour:
Since our last visit two years ago significant investment has been made to the production line. We met Austin Walsh – Manufacturing Engineering Manager who has been with Sandvik nine years tells us about the changes on the production floor.
“We have set up a dedicated machine test area where only authorised and trained personnel can test and run the machines to their maximum. All the Sandvik engineers were trained by Adrian Smith, Training Manager, who trains all service engineers worldwide, on electronics, electrics and hydraulics.”
Here we saw a QJ341+ on test for a customer which had been set up. With an oil meter sampler continually checking the oil whilst the crusher runs under high pressure it checks the quality of the oil. The test includes warming up and cooling down, constantly checking all the hydraulics with numerous measurement checks on temperatures and pressures.
Austin, added, “We are continually improving this test protocol, with the quality team sitting in on warranty meetings and constantly providing feed-back; it has been a continuous improvement cycle.
“Demand for instance on the Hanging Screens has seen a production increase, so a massive market change that we are keeping up with. We have had to completely reorganise this manufacturing area to accommodate these demands.”
Shot-blasting and paint investment:
Almost a year ago the shot blasting area for the larger components was
completely rejigged. With the old system waste material
had to be disposed of by a
contractor whereas now the waste from the new system drops through aperture panels within the floor and then is recycled. The investment has made a big environmental impact improving working conditions and a better-quality end product.
Recent developments in the paint shop involved investment in a powder coating plant to improve quality.
Austin, commented, “It was imperative that we increased capacity to handle the increased production. It was all about increasing quality which involved a move away from wet painting to powder coating. The plant consists of a load-area, a shot-blast, a primer-powder, a green-cure oven, a top-coat powder and a main oven and it utilises a high-tech vacuum system so that 98% of the unused powder is captured and recycled. With the powder process it comes out rock solid and all the edges are coated perfectly.”
It is clear that the Sandvik team continually strive to improve on a culture that defines Sandvik in Ballygawley today. With their three priorities of Safety, Quality, and Production the company are clearly driven by customers challenges, making industrial processes more efficient, profitable and safer.
With exciting projects on the drawing board the future looks busy for the Northern Ireland team!
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