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The warehouse operates three shift patterns between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday serving two order type categories:
• Standard–(stockreplenishment)
• Unitdown–24hours(machinedowninthefield) Seamless Material Flow
Oracle Warehouse Management System is utilised throughout the operation, with barcode scanning at point of entry, pick and dispatch, and integrated automated storage and retrieval systems in place to source the parts with consummate ease.
We entered the vast warehouse and were greeted by Connor Stringer - Warehouse and Logistics Manager, who told us in detail what makes this operation almost seamless.
“Goods-in is a two-stage receipted process where we manually count every single item we receive and check them against the Purchase Order. The parts are then labelled with the part number, bar code, weight, and country of origin before being put away in either fixed storage locators or dynamic locations. We have 14,000 Stock Keeping Units on site and around 80 percent have fixed default receiving locations, most of which are hard wired in the system, so it knows exactly where they should go. The remaining locations are used as dynamic storage, so the system will look at whether it has a default location, or shows a suitable field location.”
“The stockholding is split into eight different areas based on size of the part, the velocity of the part and value of the part. The small parts system is automated into three Hanel Lean Lifts, each with 60 shelves and with each shelf capable of holding 48 different components.”
Online Parts Ordering System and Helpdesk
Orders are received via an e-Commerce online ordering system, with the customer service team managing the open order book, communicating status with dealers and planning despatches. An online helpdesk is used to track and communicate with dealers.
Connor continued, “Our dealers place orders automatically through our online ordering system. The pick release operates automatically on the half hour every hour with a guarantee that if picked before 3pm, it is shipped the same day. We ship on average 5-600 lines per day, with approximately 50% same day shipment.” Nov 2018 - Issue 53
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