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Bulk Handling
Once the new bulk silos have been charged with the Anhydrite, direct from the process, the product is discharged through an electro pneumatic, extra heavy duty cast iron slide valve. Integration of the weighbridge controls allow for the electro pneumatic butterfly valve to regulate the flow—particularly at the end of loading and nearing target weight for the tanker. Dust free tanker loading is achieved via SNE’s ever popular Series 8000, heavy duty loading spouts c/w integral high efficiency dust filter & extraction fan. These units come pre wired, only need mains power source, with 2 individual electrical panels 1 @ 415V & houses all necessary motor starters ; overloads & contactors etc.. With the 2 @ 110V or 24V which houses the pre-programmed mini PLC which operates all the functionality of the unit. Additional I/O’s are also available for client integration into their system when required. These heavy duty units have twin bellows & internal steel wear chutes as standard offering longevity in the field & are suitable for loading powder &/or granulate at up to 250m3/Hr.
The whole project was run to a very tight timeline, with utopia for handover by end of October.
SN Engineering's specialist installation crew commenced the mechanical installation at the beginning of September, under full CDM regs, and were able to handover the plant, as agreed, to the client at the end of October. Supervision of the site was via on-site foreman, weekly project engineers site visits and all overseen by a time-lapse camera installed for the duration of the project, from 1st breaking of ground > 1st tanker loading.
The big advantage, apart from historic video at the end of the project, is that both SN Engineering's personnel & client management / stakeholders can monitor progress ; safe working etc remotely at anytime, anywhere in the world Clients ECOO, Rowan Elliott,
further remarked: “Getting this project off the ground as soon as possible to meet our customer needs was crucial in order to enhance our Anhydrite offering.
SN Engineering again delivered this project on time, on target cost, and most importantly, with zero harm and all in compliance with UK CDM requirements. The completion of this project is the culmination of many months of hard work by the LKAB Minerals’ Runcorn-based team, SN Engineering and a set of highly skilled contractors. Expanding our Anhydrite offering is great news for us, and more importantly, great news for our customers too as we can further ensure continuity of supply of our quality assured product.”
For further information on SN Engineering including project evaluation or a site survey – contact: March 2019 - Issue 55
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