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Company opens redeveloped construction and demolition waste facility in County Durham
WASTE-management firm Remondis have opened a new construction and demolition (C&D) waste-recycling plant at their Chester-Le- Street site, in County Durham. The site was previously owned by JBT Waste Service, before Remondis purchased it in November 2016, which has since been redeveloped and installed with the latest recycling and sorting technologies.
New kit for the facility has been installed and supplied by Kiverco; the main objective being to provide a state-of-the-art facility that processes construction, demolition and commercial waste streams to the highest levels of quality for Remondis.
According to Kiverco, the new plant has been developed to optimize recycling and recovery rates by deploying a variety of sorting systems to extract the maximum recycled material from the mixed wastes that it is designed to handle.
Screens have been supplied to size the material; magnets are utilized to remove ferrous metals; and density separators are used to separate light and heavy waste streams. The plant will also use ‘near-infrared sorting’ technology to ensure maximum quality of outputs.
Dave Hughes, regional director of Remondis, commented: ‘This project is a testament to the team that have worked on it. The quality in the execution is obvious to see and this plant will ensure we can deliver the very best levels of service and environmental performance to our customers for years to come.’ July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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