More Sennebogen handling power for Excel Waste.

Based in Rainham, Essex, Excel Waste is a fully licenced and registered skip-hire and waste management company.

Originally based in Romford the company moved to the current site in 2013 where they operate a busy, 6 days-a-week operation, employing on average 30 staff working within a tight footprint.

With a huge reputation within the industry the company ethos is based on efficiency, flexibility and professionalism, processing waste materials with a 97% diversion rate from landfill/

With an on-site MRF and associated equipment handling a constant stream of incoming mixed waste Excel process approximately 70,000t/annum and reliable handling machines are essential to handle and sort the incoming waste.

An investment, backed by solid service support:

Having purchased a Hyundai 960HD Loading Shovel from Molson Green some 18 months ago the company has recently invested in two Sennebogen Material Handlers – a 818E and a 821E which again have been supplied by Molson Green, who are based in Bristol and are part of the Molson Group.

Nathan Godden – MD,  takes up the story, “We have had a great experience with Molson since we purchased the Hyundai shovel and it made sense to further invest in Sennebogen machines and the service support that we have had from Molson.

“In the past we have used other manufacturers machines, but they do not match Sennebogen, so for us it was a solid investment particularly when the machines are backed by the top-class service from Molson Green! Sennebogen Material Handlers have an industry reputation of being a robust and reliable world-class machine, so it made perfect sense.”

Nathan continued, “As we are moving next year to a far bigger yard both the Sennebogen machines specifications were future proofed so they would also be perfect for our move next year. The new operation will also allow us to increase our processing capabilities with two weighbridges and be a 24/7 operation.”

Sennebogen 818E & 821E Material Handlers:

Both machines have been designed and manufactured as purpose-built material handlers – not modified excavators. Machines that offer green efficiency, performance at the highest level, coupled with operating comfort, and providing maximum safety with easy maintenance and service.

The 818E has an operating weight of 21.8t (821E – 25.1t) and a 9-metre reach with 10-metres reach available on XL. (821E – 11 metres reach to the dipper pin)

Both the 818E and the 821E feature a E270 MAXCAB with sliding door, increased visibility, side and rear camera monitor, cluster display and joystick steering which with no steering wheel, gives an uninterrupted view.

The 818E comes in two configurations - K9 stick (scrap) and K9 ULM (waste) and the 821E - K11 stick (scrap) and K11 ULM (waste) configurations

Both machines are powered by a Cummins 130hp engine which is fully accessible in the side panel allowing easy and safe daily checks at ground level.

Offering full green efficiency, the 818E and 821E have an ERG system which improves fuel efficiency and reduces pollutants by up to 50%.

Nathan, concludes, “we are very happy with the sound relationship we have with Molson Green; it gives us great confidence for the future.”

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