A 10-day shutdown period was all we had:

Ambitious commissioning of SCHADE Cantilever Reclaimer and Belt Conveyor...

An old machine in Gorazdze in Poland had been in operation for many decades, and was to be replaced by a SCHADE Cantilever Reclaimer with the conveying capacity doubled to 400 tonnes per hour, and an associated Belt Conveyor. SCHADE was responsible for the engineering, design, fabrication and supply. With the support of AUMUND Group Field Service the installation was supervised and the machines were commissioned within an extremely tight timeframe.

The order presented a challenge on several levels. The equipment had to be integrated into the existing infrastructure and adapted to the design of the building, which had been constructed in the 1970s. In the very compact hall FGD gypsum and limestone are stored on two stockpiles. The materials are conveyed from here to the onward process of the cement plant. Due to the low ceiling height of the building, the assembly of the new equipment had to be carried out while the plant continued to operate normally. Jochen Delank, Project Manager at SCHADE Lagertechnik says, “The SCHADE equipment needs to move safely despite table edges and foundation slabs that had shifted during the long period of operation. The design of the Cantilever Reclaimer, with a total weight of approx. 90 tonnes, consequently had to be adapted to the ground conditions.”

Operation was to be interrupted for as short a period as possible. After assembly of the new equipment the installation team only had 10 days to dismantle the old machine and to switch operation over to the new equipment. After the final connection stages of commissioning, the Cantilever Reclaimer and Belt Conveyor were handed over by SCHADE on time.

01 Precision work: SCHADE Cantilever Reclaimer with Belt Conveying equipment in operation within 10 days (©SCHADE)




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