A formidable team.

Elite Precast Concrete Ltd and RSG Structures have once again joined forces to deliver an innovative and great value solution for a client…

RSG Structures operate as an independent designer, supplier, and installer of all manner of precast, prestressed concrete as well as traditional steel frame and membrane covers/canopies.

They use a network of carefully vetted suppliers to ensure only the highest quality products are included in the portfolio and by offering a completely impartial service, there is no bias toward any one particular product, as all are considered on their individual merits and their suitability. This gives clients the confidence they are not just being sold to by a salesman but receiving sound advice from a company that have been working in this industry for a long time.

This project involved an existing slab with many different levels, a client requirement for high walls (6-7m), a cover over the whole bunker and formed part of larger works including demolition and groundworks.

As the slab was good, it would have been foolish not to use it, but varying levels meant putting walls directly onto it would be an issue. Using a varying height plinth caters for the different levels of the existing slab and allows a level surface for walls and the roof to be formed.

This plinth was 0.4m at its shallowest and just over 1.2m at its highest.

There are not too many options available at this sort of height, L walls or horizontal panels are a possibility but the foot on an L wall at this height is around 2.6m which increases the footprint dramatically and panels would require either stub stanchions or a heavy-duty steel frame with corresponding large foundations.

Options for the division walls are also extremely limited at this height and would not be operator friendly with feet or steelwork in the way.

This is where Elite Precast’s high strength Legato block comes into its own. The standard blocks are cast from high quality 50N/mm2 concrete and are 1.6m x 0.8m x 0.8m, weighing 2400kgs. When designed and installed correctly they can form very large walls to take large loads, including roof canopies on top. The use of double thickness walls at the base allows the walls to take the product loading and impact loading of the operating machinery with ease. With the division walls, a “footblock” is used which creates a very neat detail and is also self-cleaning of material.

The cover for all of this is formed using a steel monopitch frame which is founded to ground externally and to the top of the walls internally and includes a spill flashing at the top of the wall. 

Using this combination of products gives the client huge versatility as the concrete plinth is the only part of this bunker complex that cannot be unbolted and taken away to be reconstructed on another site.

The legato blocks are quite simple to reconfigure into different heights and layouts which is what makes it such a versatile product. Times change very quickly and the ability to have an easily adaptable walling system is invaluable.

RSG Structures are also pleased to announce the launching of an industry first inspection service called SiteSafe.

Where clients have existing walls (constructed from interlocking blocks, timber sleepers, L shapes, panels, or anything else) they can organise a SiteSafe report which includes a site survey to observe current wall layouts, systems, the types, designs and how walls are being used. The client then receives a factual report which will note where systems in place are working within design capability, highlight any areas of concern and recommend remedial actions to make the site safe, this is then signed off by an RSG Director and Structural Engineer.

For more information on any of the products offered by Elite Precast please contact sales@eliteprecast.co.uk or call 01952 588885

For more information about the wide range of services offered by RSG Structures (including the new SiteSafe service) please contact gneale@rsgstructures.co.uk or call Gareth on 08452 997597

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