Brigade Electronics to showcase its latest systems at Plantworx 2023

Brigade Electronics will be showcasing its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) range and predictive collision warning systems at Plantworx 2023 in Peterborough between 13th and 15th June.

Brigade’s AI cameras use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and recognise people within a predefined detection zone to reliably warn the driver through the aid of visual and/or audible alerts before a collision occurs. Image processing is built into the camera, meaning no other hardware is required.

The range includes Brigade’s premium award-winning AI camera, CAREYE®. A predictive system, CAREYE® accurately evaluates images from cameras fitted to the vehicle and can calculate the future course of motion of nearby people and objects located at the nearside of the vehicle. Based on this data, the system reliably and accurately warns the driver in real-time of a potential collision before it occurs.

In addition to AI cameras, Brigade will also be showcasing Brigade Fusion. This latest system uses fusion technology to combine Brigade’s range of safety devices, including its 360-degree camera and radar obstacle detection, with M2M RTLS (Real Time Location System) technology. The system can predict high risk events, providing the operator with appropriate and prompt alerts, and, if required, will signal the machine to prevent movement, slow down or stop completely if the operator is unable to react in time.

The new system, which has been trialed by several customers in the US and the UK, adds EMESRT (Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table) Level 8 and Level 9 collision avoidance to its existing Level 7. This delivers the highest standard in worksite safety for off-road construction and mining mobile equipment.

Emily Hardy, Marketing Manager of Brigade Electronics UK, said: “Prediction technology and AI have been essential features in improving safety and reducing false alerts for drivers and operators – something that has proved to be problematic in the past.Our latest products combine these technologies with high-quality design to deliver the ultimate in safety for plant and mobile machinery.”


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