Caking and Lump Formation in Powders and Bulk Materials;  Short Course

23 July;

9am – 2pm and 24 July; 9am – 12pm

On-line delivery

Join us for this on-line short course to discover why some bulk materials and powders can form lumps during storage.

You will learn:

  • Occurrences of caking in processes: A discussion of the methods that can be useful in predicting or trouble shooting unintended agglomeration of bulk materials in industry
  • Types of caking and methods for laboratory evaluation: A review of the range of caking mechanisms that can occur in processes and options for quantifying the ‘strength’ of agglomerates.
  • Common plant and operational issues: A session focussing on how many types of caking problem are created or exacerbated by the use of some types of standard equipment for handling bulk solids. Common design mistakes are highlighted and the impact of these errors explored.  Counter measures and design best practice is discussed.

Course leader Richard Farnish has over 20 years’ experience dealing with the problems of caking and lump formation in powders and bulk materials. Discuss your own issues and find ways to help solve them.

Course fees are £450 per person, discounts for multiple company registrations.

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