Cemex launches industry first tool to help architects and engineers

Global building materials supplier Cemex has launched a dedicated plug-in for the Building Information Modelling (BIM) REVIT software used for designing and managing construction projects. Cemex’s tool will enable architects and engineers to identify the best Cemex products and solutions for their work, highlighting those that are particularly innovative and more sustainable.

The BIM software offered by Cemex has been expertly designed for architects, engineers, contractors or construction professionals working on the development of residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure projects. It allows users to search concrete by properties, compare concrete products by essential characteristics and target an embodied carbon value.

Users can also view detailed information on materials such as physical and mechanical performance with relevant data, among other technical characteristics. Products that could be recommended include those that are part of the Vertua® range of Cemex’s more sustainable solutions.

This software is the first of its kind in the UK construction industry. It will also be launched into other Cemex businesses across the globe over the coming months.

Mike Higgins, National Technical Manager, commented: “We know how valuable BIM tools are to those designing construction projects, as they save time and money by providing immediate access to information and recommendations on the best suited products while encouraging a collaborative process.

“We are therefore very proud to launch our free BIM plug-in which can be downloaded into the REVIT Software and facilitates the evaluation of products and solutions, as well as the planning and visualisation processes of a construction project. Initial feedback from users of the tool has been very positive and so to help facilitate the tool’s use we have coordinated a specialist BIM team in the UK who are equipped to answer any questions and can support specifiers with enquiries.”

The tool was recently presented at UK Construction Week and is now available for free download. Visit: www.cemex.co.uk/bim


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