CEMEX launches line of bio-sourced Admixtures which reduces carbon footprint by 70%

As it strives to provide its customers with the most sustainable and industry leading building materials solutions available on the market, global supplier CEMEX has today announced its latest product innovation launch; a range of bio-sourced admixtures solutions designed for a lower carbon footprint.  

This next generation of admixtures utilises a natural, renewable and locally sourced raw material.

Admixtures are added to concrete mixes to enhance attributes such as strength, workability, and water demand, which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and the promotion of more sustainable practices in construction. CEMEX Admixtures are the first in the industry to deliver these attributes while utilising bio-based raw materials, thanks to a unique production process.

The resulting plasticiser/superplasticiser products therefore offer a carbon footprint reduced by up to 70%* and controllable, higher-performance features, perfectly suited to modern cement, concrete, pre-cast and mortar technology.

These solutions form an integral element of CEMEX´s broader Future in Action strategy to be a net zero CO2 company by 2050. This strategy aims to provide customers and partners with a comprehensive portfolio of low carbon and efficient solutions that can help meet environmental goals and lead the way for responsible construction.

Use of CEMEX’s bio-sourced admixtures can significantly enhance the sustainable performance of several applications:

  • ISOPLAST BIO: concrete plasticiser that achieves higher levels of workability with the same water content, enabling a carbon reduction of up to 10%.
  • ISOFLEX BIO: concrete plasticisers and superplasticisers that reduce carbon and water use by up to 20-30%.
  • ISOFLOW BIO: high-performance superplasticiser technology for ready-mix concrete producers, enabling water and carbon reductions of up to 50% in concrete mix designs.
  • ISOMILL BIO: grinding aids and cement enhancers that provide a significant carbon reduction of up to 10%, higher process efficiency, and enhanced strength.

The admixtures will be launched across CEMEX’s markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and will roll out to other markets in the coming months. This new range is part of CEMEX’s portfolio of Vertua building solutions with enhanced sustainability attributes.

These bio-sourced admixtures solutions will enable key innovations that will accelerate the construction industry’s purposeful journey towards ensuring sustainable urbanisation – by reducing carbon footprint, improving the efficiency of production processes, optimising the use of resources (energy, water, raw materials) and enhancing the performance of materials that will foster new construction methods and lead to smart cities. For even greater eco-efficiency and reduced emissions, these admixtures can be combined with other solutions from CEMEX´s broader Vertua concrete range.

Marcelo Catalá, CEMEX EMEA VP of Urbanisation Solutions commented: “At CEMEX we are relentlessly innovating to offer new sustainable Urbanisation Solutions, determined to lead the industry in building sustainable cities. CEMEX’s new range of bio-sourced admixtures are an exciting development that utilise locally-available raw materials.

“This not only contributes to a circular economy but offers a considerably reduced carbon footprint because of the local sourcing and transportation of these raw materials. All of this is achieved thanks to a specialised production process which ensures this range enhances the high performance expected of our admixture solutions.”

CEMEX Admixtures is a leading global player in the construction chemicals arena, supplying value-added admixtures solutions to address the performance and increasingly eco-conscious needs of a broad base of customers in the construction industry (including cement, concrete, precast, aggregates and mortars) across over 30 countries worldwide.

The wide array of innovative and efficient admixtures solutions offered by CEMEX is powered by unparalleled R&D capabilities; with CEMEX Admixtures’ main R&D centre based in Switzerland and supported locally in each market with high-tech production facilities, specialised laboratories, and highly qualified technical experts to adapt to each specific customer need. Over 200 new solutions have been developed over the last five years alone, and these already represent over 35% of CEMEX Admixtures sales.

CEMEX R&D, Innovation and Business Development projects are part of the global R&D collaboration network, headed by CEMEX Research Centers, based in Switzerland

For more information about CEMEX’s admixtures, please visit: https://www.cemex.com/products-services/urbanization-solutions  

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