CEMEX Partners with Kier and RO Donaghey to Provide CarbonNeutral Concrete Product for Cryfield Residences at the University of Warwick

Building materials supplier CEMEX is proud to announce that its Vertua® concrete range has been used to achieve a completely CarbonNeutral product, in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, as part of the construction of the new Cryfield residences project for the University of Warwick.

Kier chose to use Vertua Classic Zero for the foundations of a new student accommodation block at the University, following the release of the University’s 2020 Carbon Management Implementation Plan.

Vertua Classic is a low carbon concrete that has a 30 – 50 per cent CO2 reduction versus a standard concrete mix. Easy to use and place, it is perfect for a range of applications including structural elements, foundations including piling, light to heavy industry floors and suspended slabs. Vertua® is part of CEMEX’s ambition to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete globally to all of our customers by 2050.

Alongside the reduction in CO2 afforded by the product, Kier decided to offset the residual carbon, which makes the concrete CarbonNeutral from cradle-to-customer. CEMEX works with Natural Capital Partners, experts in carbon offset solutions, to assure the quality of the emissions reductions, and invest in projects which physically remove CO2 from the atmosphere where possible and deliver added benefits such as increasing biodiversity and reducing poverty. A CarbonNeutral certificate has been issued to Kier.

Matthew Doran, Sales Executive for CEMEX Materials, commented: “This was the first time Kier has chosen to use the Vertua range and it was an exciting opportunity for CEMEX to demonstrate the value of this product as both a high performance and sustainable choice.

“Kier, working with its supply chain partners RO Donaghey, understood the importance of using a concrete that improves the climate impacts of construction and we are delighted that we were able to successfully meet the requirements of the job despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, all while adhering to government guidelines.”

Richard Charman, operations director at Kier Regional Building Central, said: "Being sustainable is more important than it's ever been, and to have a sustainable business is to have a resilient business. Kier is committed to preventing environmental and social harm, as well as replenishing our natural systems and renewable resources and having a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.”

Padraic Crehan, Operations Manager at R.O.Donaghey, added: “It is great to be at the forefront of concrete innovation in the industry, everybody needs to play their part and we are glad to be involved.”

CEMEX R&D, Innovation and Business Development projects are part of the global R&D collaboration network, headed by CEMEX Research Centers, based in Switzerland.

For further information about CEMEX Vertua, please visit https://www.cemex.co.uk/vertua-low-carbon-concrete

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