Enviro wheel washing systems from Garic

The HUB team recently visited the GARIC stand at Plantworx to learn a little more about their wheel washing systems. We spoke with Stephen Booth, Head of Sales at Garic “We have been very successful with our wheel washing product, we build a robust product that is easy to maintain. Our product is based around a simple process with an open flat bottomed tank so our clients can get in there with a grading bucket and take the silt out quickly. It’s very low maintenance and very robust, test rated to around 60 tonnes. Because we manufacture for hire as well as sales, we are very good at adapting our units for different customers, so can develop a totally bespoke product for clients. We have worked with many different people recently to develop bespoke systems for them, these include L&S Waste, DP Williams and Sita UK.

At the very busy Sita UK site they have up to 300 units per day going through, and we worked with them to develop two wheel washing systems to cope with this. We have a drive through bath acting as a pre-wash and then an enviro wash which gives full spray and jet washing, so both units work together as one to provide an effective clean.”  

Garic’s wheel washing technology thoroughly cleans vehicle wheels and chassis thereby reducing the spread of dust, dirt and in some instances disease. Self contained fully powered jet washers spray the wheels and chassis at different angles with large volumes of water at high pressure. The jet washers are automatically activated by a magic eye and water is collected in the system’s lagoon, filtered and re-used. Units are stand alone and can be powered by diesel or electricity.

Manufactured at the company’s HQ in Lancashire, Garic’s wheel washers are widely used at quarries, landfill sites, refuse depots, construction sites and railway maintenance yards – in fact anywhere where vehicles get dirty or contaminated. They are fully adaptable to a range of applications for example Garic can provide ultra-high powered jet washers that spray huge volumes of water and rumble road sections for heavy duty sites, as well as reduced-size units for smaller vehicles.

In addition to a number of flexible adaptations, the wheel washer systems are all available as ‘elevated’ or ‘dug in’ units i.e. with and without ramps. So if a client wishes to install a washing system on a tarmacked area we can provide a system with ramps that simply sits on the ground. However if space is particularly limited, and the ground is suitable, we can alleviate the need for ramps and submerge the wheel washer so that it is at ground level.

Commenting on a bespoke wheel wash installation for waste management company Sita UK Ltd, Garic’s Head of Sales Steve Booth said: “We developed a specially adapted wheel washing system for Sita UK to use at a particularly tricky landfill location. Their existing wheel washers at this steeply sloping and very muddy site were not able to provide the high level of environmental controls required.

“We installed a dual system consisting of an unpowered pre-wash drive through with rumble road to vibrate and agitate the chassis shaking the larger solids off and into the wheel washer’s water collecting lagoon. The vehicles then passed through one of our fully self-contained powered jet wheel washers which blasted the remaining dirt and debris off.”  

Sita has now installed Garic wheel washing systems at two locations which between them clean over 200 vehicles a day.

Garic’s wheel washing systems are extremely simple, easy and quick to maintain. Depending on the number of vehicles passing through and state of the site, the water lagoons need emptying every 2-3 weeks and the engine and pumps require servicing every 1000 hours or approximately every 6 months.

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