Environmental Material Management Ltd monetises metal waste with the Terex Ecotec TMS 320 Metal Separator

Environmental Material Management Ltd (EMM Ltd) – a company leading in waste material consultancy and contracted material processing services – has supported Celsa Recycling – Europe’s leading producer of circular and low-emission steel – to boost its metal recovery capacity using a Terex® Ecotec TMS 320 Metal Separator.

Celsa Recycling contracted EMM Ltd to process a wide variety of metals from different material streams going through their UK facility, based in Cardiff. Specifically, EMM Ltd needed to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from waste to extract as much monetary value as possible while reducing material ending up in landfill.

EMM Ltd chose a Terex Ecotec TMS 320 Metal Separator, believing that it was a robust machine to meet the demands of the application. The machine has an aggressive drum magnet and eddy current unit combined with an optimised material flow to achieve industry leading material separation. Primarily designed for metal recovery from compost, biomass, IBA (Incinerated Bottom Ash) and waste, EMM Ltd worked intensely with Terex Ecotec and Molson Green, distribution partner for Terex Ecotec in the UK, to develop a machine that is suitable for the heavy demands of a solely metal processing waste stream.

David Constable, MD – Environmental Material Management Ltd said, “Having worked with every brand of standard eddy current rotors on the market we choose to work with Terex Ecotec because out of all the equipment we tested on site, it was the one worth tailoring to be more suitable for metal recovery.”

Thomas Coulter, Regional Sales Manager – Terex Ecotec explains, “Our TMS 320 Metal Separator uses proven eddy current technology to separate non-ferrous metals from waste. Since the machine was originally developed for biomass and wood applications, it needed to be configured to work with the harsh metals going through Celsa’s waste recovery facility. Working with EMM Ltd was a valuable experience, as given their involvement within the metals recovery industry they have expert knowledge of eddy current technologies used across the UK and Europe.”

The TMS 320 was configured with an 8-pole eddy current rotor to provide a deeper magnetic field, which interacts with the full body of the larger particles that is more common in the metals recovery industry. This also enabled a heavier duty belt to be fitted that would withstand the large volume of sharp metal passing over the unit, resulting in increased belt life and reduced downtime for repair. Other modifications included increasing the stockpile heights of the metals recovery conveyors to handle greater material split towards the recovered metals, when compared to biomass and wood applications. Finally, noise reduction technology was added to the TMS 320 to reduce the noise created by the increased quantity of processed metals passing through the machine.

The TMS 320 Metal Separator is now in situ at Celsa Recycling. The material is initially processed by two Finlay screeners to separate the material stream by size. Material over 100mm is then processed by Celsa’s static plant. Anything below 100mm is processed by the TMS 320 to extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The machine is processing over 10 tonnes of non-ferrous metals per day to the value of £9,000 per day—material that previously would have been going to landfill. The remaining organic material is being used as recycled fill.

Being powered by either an onboard Caterpillar C3.6 Stage V engine with sound attenuated canopy or mains electrical supply, the TMS 320 provides EMM Ltd with reduced operating costs, fuel usage, emissions, and noise levels. 

Thomas Coulter concludes, “The demands of our customers are constantly evolving and meeting their needs with a sustainable approach that supports them in extracting as much value from waste is a core value of Terex Ecotec. Having the Terex Ecotec TMS 320 Metal Separator contracted by EMM Ltd, who are experts in waste management, is a huge testament to the ability of our machines support the circular economy and reduce the carbon footprint of operations.”

The TMS 320 is available to purchase via the Terex Ecotec global distribution network.  To learn more and to locate your nearest dealer visit www.terex.com/ecotec

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