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29 September 2023

Bulk Materials Handling and Processing – Towards Net Zero
What has Bulk Solids Handling to do with Net Zero?
Presenter: Prof Mike Bradley

The process of handling bulk solids generates carbon emissions but it is also a fundamental ENABLING TECHNOLOGY in processes that can reduce carbon emissions through Energy from renewable biomass; Energy from waste; and Recycling and “green” chemical feedstocks.

By the end of this webinar you will understand more about the impact of Bulk Solids Handling on emissions and the role of Bulk Solids Handling in reducing these emissions.



27 October 2023

Does cleaning dust filters leave you out of puff?

A brief overview of filter design and operation for the bulk materials handling industry.

Presenter: Richard Farnish


The performance of many process plants filters systems used in bag houses, reception vessels or venting, is an important part of any plant.  However, the service life and/or functional performance of these filters can have the potential to fall below expectations.  This webinar will consider some of the key aspects of filter design and operation in the context of obtaining an optimal life cycle in terms of hardware and energy consumption.


24 November 2023
Pneumatic Conveying System Design
A brief overview of conventional approaches and the latest techniques for designing of reliable and energy efficient pneumatic conveyors
Presenter: Dr Atul Sharma

In order to design a reliable pneumatic conveying system, it is essential to predict the pipeline pressure drop accurately. An incorrect estimation of this pressure drop can lead to various operational issues, such as high power consumption, pipeline wear, product degradation, blockages, and insufficient throughput. This webinar aims to delve into some of the more conventional approaches as well as taking a look at the latest techniques used for designing reliable and efficient pneumatic conveying systems. The ultimate goal is to share the recent insights into achieving pipeline designs that function reliably, ensuring the required throughput without unexpected maintenance disruptions or compromising the quality of the handled product.


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