Garic targets quarry sector with innovative ‘misting’ dust cannon

Best known as the UK’s leading manufacturer of construction and quarry site welfare products, Garic launched a new range of dust and odour suppression equipment earlier this summer which is ideal for quarries and bulk materials handling.

The Bury-based company meticulously researched the market to find that best dust suppression products for the quarry sector and is now the sole UK and Ireland distributor for MB Dust Control’s spray cannons.

Manufactured in the Netherlands, the range includes 15 models starting with compact highly mobile units and progressing in size and power to ultra heavy cannons capable of spraying across distances of up to 100m.

The unique misting technology of these highly innovative spray cannons takes dust control to a whole new level. Ultra-fine water particles – just 10 -150 micrometres – form a binding ‘fog’ that clean the working environment by bringing airborne dust quickly to the ground.

MB Dust Control’s dust suppression equipment is currently being used at hundreds of quarries, land fill and soil remediation sites throughout Europe as well as on demolition projects and at ports.

Commenting on the new range, Garic’s head of business development (global) Steve Booth said: “We are delighted that our new dust cannon range is generating a lot of interest already. We’ve got a few units being trialled with quarry, bulk materials handling and waste management companies, and so far everyone has been impressed with their power and efficiency.

“We are also in discussion with a company about an ultra powerful bespoke cannon design which will maximise spray reach at a large quarry whilst minimising water usage.”

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