Green lights from Green Site Solutions

Derby based, Green Site Solutions, the site lighting division of ISS Labour Ltd., are an environmentally sound supplier of a range of lighting solutions to the UK rail industry. Their markets encompasses; construction, civil engineering, overhead line electrification and signalling, alongside telecommunication systems.

Consistent with Green Site Solution’s sustainable attributes, the company undertook to expand and enhance their fleet of battery powered site lighting towers. This process led Green Site Solutions to the Trime manufactured tower lights, and in particular, the Trime X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM product.

Following careful evaluations, which included considering a number of other suppliers products, Green Site Solutions took the decision to place an order for twenty X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM sets, and as soon as they were delivered, immediately sent them out on hire to projects right across the UK.

Gary Hendry, Green Site Solutions, Lighting Division, General Manager explained, “We needed more hybrids in our fleet, and the Trime hybrid sets seemed to be the best value for money. This was primarily due to the extended battery time that the lithium battery affords when compared to a gel battery. Many, if not most of our clients, are now moving over to more sustainable products therefore we have to keep up with their demands.”

“In the main we have had a positive reaction from our clients. They certainly appreciate the silent running of the Trime X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM.  I think the Trime service regime is good as I have not had any negative comments from our fitters”, added Gary.

The Trime X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is a LED lighting tower that is powered by a combination of a lithium battery and a small fuel-efficient diesel engine. X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM can be fully recharged in less than two hours. This means that for 80% of operation, the X- ECO HYBRID LITHIUM is powered exclusively by its batteries and therefore emits zero noise and zero carbon emissions. Trime engineers have calculated that the X-ECO HYBRID LITHIUM will bring significant cost savings and environmental gains when compared to a standard lighting tower.

Green Site Solutions asserts ‘that they are focussed on providing environmentally conscious, innovative, and creative solutions which are fundamental to their commitment to support a carbon neutral position for themselves and their clients’.

Trime UK is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire; their manufacturing plant is based near Milan, Italy. They have subsidiaries, dealers and suppliers throughout the world.

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