Haas Tyron 2500 Pre-Shredder – Six months on at Plevin Sheffield

In January 2018, Matpro Machinery sold a Haas Tyron 2500 industrial mobile pre-shredder to Plevin Ltd to assist the processing of recycled wood at the Sheffield facility. Six months on, Matpro went to visit Jamie Plevin – Managing Director, to see how the new machine is performing.

Plevin Ltd has over 40 years of industry experience. They specialise in the recycling of all forms of waste wood, producing a range of sustainable products suitable for the panel board industry, biomass power plants and for use within animal bedding.

Why did Plevin Sheffield require a new shredder and what drew you to the Haas Tyron 2500?
“The Hammel shredder that we had previously was nearing 10,000 hours and had the potential to start to become a costly machine to keep running. We were drawn to the Haas Tyron as we needed a minimum throughput of 60 tph which the 2500 was easily able to achieve.”

Are there any particular features that were important to you?
“The large in-feed hopper of the Haas Tyron 2500 was of particular importance to fit with our operational processes. The engine telematics data were also important, as this can build a clearer picture of not only machine performance but also our process efficiencies.”

How has the Haas Tyron 2500 helped improve your processes?
“The Haas produces a consistent particle size. This is very important when feeding into our Vecoplan line to produce our end products.”

Would you recommend Matpro, and why?
“Yes, they are very helpful and have a great deal of operational knowledge due to them running Haas shredders in the CRJ hire fleet. “
(CRJ Services are the hiring side of the CRJ/Matpro partnership www.crjservices.co.uk)

Would you recommend the Haas Tyron 2500, and why?
“Yes, I would definitely recommend the Haas Tyron 2500, it’s a reliable heavy-duty shredder with a large throughput capacity.”

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