Hanson’s Digital Concrete Maturity Solution helps save time, money and carbon

Hanson is offering its customers a wireless concrete maturity system that helps save time and money, as well as allowing carbon emissions to be reduced.

SmartRock is a digital system that uses wireless sensors embedded within the concrete to monitor temperature and strength gain every 15 minutes for up to 60 days. The information is available in real-time via a smartphone app, giving customers the confidence to remove formwork earlier, speeding up construction on site.

And combining the system with the company’s EcoCrete low carbon concrete can cut the carbon emissions associated with a construction project by up to 85 per cent through the use of higher cement replacement levels.

Daniel Clayton, Hanson Concrete technical director, said: “SmartRock has been used in over 10,000 construction projects worldwide and is really gathering pace in the UK.

“Its use removes the uncertainty of site concrete test cubes and the time spent waiting for results, delivering the data in real-time direct to a mobile device.

“SmartRock is quick and easy to set up and we provide full technical advice and support including concrete mix design, calibrating the sensors and delivering them to site.”

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