Island firm flourishing with new plant from the Finlay Group

A fifth-generation family-owned sand and gravel quarry in Jersey is reaping the benefits after the delivery of a new Terex Finlay 684 2-Deck screener.

Based in St. Ouen’s Bay, on the west coast of the island, Simon Sand and Gravel Limited has noticed greater efficiency onsite since the arrival of the plant.

Supplied by Finlay Plant Southern – part of the Finlay Group of companies – the Terex Finlay 684 is only being run one day a week, as in that time it is powering through enough material to meet the requirements of the business.

Jason Simon, owner of Simon Sand and Gravel Limited – which was established in 1909 – said: “Since the purchase of the Terex Finlay 684 I have noticed that my operation has run a lot more efficiently.

“We supply about 250 tonnes of material a day to the industry and that requires us to run the machine just one day a week, as it easily allows us to meet demand.”

The Terex Finlay 684, which has been supplied in white to blend in with its surroundings, is replacing a static Terex Finlay 390 Hydrascreen, supplied by Finlay Plant Southern more than 12 years ago.

Featuring two 4.3m x 1.7m inclined screen decks, it boasts a large screening area with higher efficiency and capacity, as well as three adjustable discharge conveyors.

Simon Sand and Gravel Limited, the only sand quarry on the island, is getting three products from the machine, which is solely for use in the Jersey construction industry. The top deck – at 16mm – takes off the oversize material, leaving a 5-15mm pipe bedding, whilst the 1.2mm stainless steel piano wired bottom deck is producing a 4mm down building sand as well as a plastering sand.

Combining state of the art quick wedge tensioning on the top deck, with conveniently placed access holes and hydraulic tensioning on the bottom, it ensures mesh set up and change out times are kept to an absolute minimum.

The compact screener is easily transportable with hydraulically folding conveyors, aiding rapid set up and tear down times.

Simon Sand and Gravel Limited has been purchasing machines from Finlay Plant Southern since 2004 and in that time they have had several screeners and a crusher.

John Dunne, managing director of Finlay Plant Southern – who has helped specify the machines – said: “What won Simon Sand and Gravel Limited over with the Terex Finlay 684 was the size of the screen box. They don’t have to spend as much time screening as they did before which means they can turn their focus on to other areas of the business. I’m really pleased to see that the plant is working so well for them and in turn improving their operation.”

Jason added: “The aim now is to move away from static machinery and head towards tracked equipment. I’ve always had good experiences with the Finlay Group, right from the purchase all the way through to after sales. I’m very happy in the knowledge that Finlay Group is helping me achieve my business goals.”