JCB 220X described as the perfect demolition excavator

A Dorset contractor has described his new JCB 220X as the ‘the perfect demolition excavator’ after 20 years of searching for a model with the machine’s combination of size stability, and breakout force.

Poole-based Advanced Demolition has purchased the new JCB 220X for its projects across the county - which includes private residential work in the prestigious Sandbanks area of Poole.

Supplied by dealer Holt JCB, the new excavator has also been put to use on commercial applications including the demolition of a factory in nearby Ferndown - completing the entire project from the initial asbestos removal, through to clearing the site ready for the construction of a new modern building.

The exceptional reach on the JCB 220X enabled Advanced Demolition to cut out steel uprights, trusses and purlins without disturbing the three external walls that were at risk of collapse.

Advanced Demolition Owner and Director, Brian Hanford said: “I’ve worked in demolition for the last 27 years and I’ve never truly found an excavator in this size range that has the stability and grunt of the traditional, purpose-built demolition machines that used to be available – until now. I’ve spent the last 20 years looking for the ideal machine and as soon as Holt JCB sent me the specifications for the X Series I knew we were in business. It has the perfect combination of size, weight, power, stability and ripping force.”

“Other manufacturers only offer adapted units to bring them up to the requirements for demolition, but those alterations can run into thousands of pounds. Even then, you essentially have a ground works machine trying to perform a tougher role. The JCB machine was purchased solely for demolition, which is 99% of our workload, and it is proving the dream machine the job.

“We have already put 200hrs on the clock and it’s been perfect since day one. Fuel consumption is even lower than expected and it uses less AdBlue than our pick-up truck. It’s pulling lumps out of the ground that no comparable machines could manage and it’s using less fuel doing it.

“We choose to use Holt JCB because of the close proximity to our working base. JCB has always had a strong presence in the Poole area dating back as far as I can remember some 35 years ago. With demolition being a demanding role, you need the reassurance of knowing you can get parts quickly. No other manufacturers have dealers offering parts anywhere near us.”

Craig Hanford, Brian’s son and operator of the 220X, said: “This is a totally different animal. The stability of the 220X exceptional, not just when excavating concrete, but when heavy demolition attachments are fitted too.

“It’s so well balanced when you’re ripping into concrete it sits solidly and doesn’t throw you around the cab. The extra weight JCB has added has helped enormously. The cab is quieter and the seat is more comfortable than other machines and you feel fresher after an 8-hour shift in the cockpit. Last week we were working between 2 houses with just a metre gap between them. Even the resident commented how surprisingly quiet such a large machine was.”

Poole-based Advanced Demolition is a family-run business offering a series of demolition services across Dorset and the neighbouring counties. These include: land and site clearance, asbestos reports, asbestos removal, factory stripping, soft stripping, metal cutting, concrete crushing and breaking tasks.

The new X Series model joins existing 803 and 8080 compact excavators and a JS145LC tracked model in the Advanced Demolition fleet where they use shear, pulveriser, hammer and rotational selector grab attachments to carry out internal works and small house demolition projects. The new 220X model handles the company’s larger residential and commercial projects.

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