Keep it Green – MST expands their Esco wear parts coverage

MST Parts Group, based in County Durham, has strengthened their relationship with the bucket wear part manufacturer, Esco Corporation, by increasing their approved dealership territories for the UK. MST is now the approved Esco master dealer for Scotland and most of England. Esco manufacturers a complete range of cast teeth, adapters, wear shrouds, cutting edges and many more wear products designed to perform in the construction, quarrying, demolition, recycling and waste applications.
To help service the UK, MST hold stocks of the distinctive green Esco wear parts in four strategically located stocking points in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Durham and Birmingham. Esco parts can also be shipped for next day delivery to most parts of mainland UK.

Superior Field-Proven Alloys
ESCO steel alloys have the best balance of the two main things you want in a tooth: toughness and hardness. Increased toughness helps prevent breakage, and higher hardness provides a longer service life. While some competitors may come close on one of these measures, no manufacturer can offer you both like ESCO. The chart below shows test results from a variety of tooth system manufacturers from around the world.

Data is based on lab testing of sample competitive parts and is only an indicator of actual field performance.

ESCO is the Leader in Design Innovation
With over 100 years of experience in developing market-leading products, ESCO has the expertise to enhance the performance of original equipment systems. Esco’s innovative design modifications provide greater customer value through optimized wear life, productivity and reliability for a wide range of applications.

On-site technical measurements
To help service the Esco product range, MST employ 9 technical sales managers located across the UK, that are fully trained to be able to measure and identify bucket wear parts on site. MST’s technical managers can also provide advice and support to ensure the customer is using the correct wear parts for their application.

For any Esco enquiries contact MST Parts Group on 0845 838 0706 or email

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