Londoners are still spending more time on the roads than other European cities in isolation

With heavy road usage ongoing, essential road repairs remain a vital part of the UK's infrastructural planning.

Roadmender Asphalt, a leading asphalt innovator, provide solutions for contractors to safely adhere to government advice...

Statistics from the Financial Times and TomTom has revealed that Londoners are on the roads much more than people in other foreign cities. During this period of isolation, there is an intense amount of scrutiny on people remaining inside, and with excess road use, there is road wear that needs fixing in emergency situations.

With the spread of COVID-19 causing a major rethink in the way we keep our essential key workers safe, companies are now exploring options that enable key workers to continue with their jobs whilst at the same time maintaining a social distance from each other. In recent days, light has been shone upon the conditions experienced by construction workers, who continue to work on essential repairs bursts, leaks and potholes across the British road network.

One company highlighting a potential solution under the hashtag #OneManPerVan is Sheffield based Roadmender Asphalt that sells and rents out mini asphalt hot box reclaimers that can be operated as part of a single man operation.

Hotbox Reclaimers are lightweight machines that can be mounted on either trucks or trailers and are designed to reclaim supplies of leftover or stockpiled asphalt wherever and whenever it’s needed. With multiple asphalt plants being forced to shut down to protect the safety of their workers, Roadmender Hotbox Reclaimers not only provide contractors with a simple way to make their own asphalt, but they can also be used as part of a single man operation ensuring smaller emergency repairs are still dealt with in a timely manner.

Harry Pearl, CEO at Roadmender Asphalt, commented on how innovative solutions, such as the Hotbox Reclaimer, can be used to ensure government advice is heeded on site.

“While normally it’s always safer for workers to go out in at least groups of two, but in the current environment it just doesn’t make sense for multiple workers to all pile into the same van together no matter how willing to carry out their work they are.

With small Hotbox Reclaimers, workers can make their own asphalt and carry out smaller emergency repairs in effective isolation where if larger quantities of material are needed, two vehicles can go out while still maintaining a one man per van policy."