Okay offer a newly designed BT 1100 Series Bin Tipper

The newly designed BT 1100 Series Bin Tipper from OKAY helps increase efficiency at any organisation through safe, automated bin tipping.

Designed and manufactured in the UK at our manufacturing facility in Northamptonshire, the BT range of tippers from OKAY can empty bins of all sizes.  Whether discharging into compactors, balers, conveyors or other machinery, OKAY tippers improve efficiency through their robust design and automated function.  The fully interlocked safety cage also ensures a safe operation for all environments. 

Lifting up to 600kg as high as 3000mm in under 60 seconds, the new OKAY tipper range minimises manual labour input while speeding up your operations to reduce overall processing costs.

As the leading UK engineering company for automation and recycling machinery, OKAY can design and build bespoke bin tippers to work efficiently with existing equipment or applications.  They are also available to retro-fit to existing balers, compactors or other machines, or come as part of a complete new OKAY system.

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