Polyurethane Media - a great success on a UK Primary Scalping Screen.

In January 2022, TEMA ISENMANN successfully commissioned their bespoke heavy duty Isecord polyurethane flat bolt down panels and WS85 modules for a new primary screening application in a UK based quarry.

Guided by a long-established working relationship, the end user’s engineering and procurement departments selected TEMA ISENMANN’S polyurethane for both decks on their new 3.15 x 7.6m double deck primary screen.

TEMA ISENMANN’S technical department were tasked with designing a suitable panel that could withstand a feed rate of 2,200 tonnes per hour -285/+0mm granite. The team of designers which included Managing Director, Philip Cranston, who has over 40 years of industry experience in conjunction with drawing engineers at our state of art manufacturing facility and offices in Karlsruhe, Germany got to work on creating the bespoke Isecord panels.

After careful planning, the team had engineered a 70mm thick upper deck panel which features upstanding 70mm tall skid bars. Attention was considered when selecting the appropriate tooling for the 100mm round apertures which had to be strategically positioned to protect the cross-members.

After commissioning, the early feedback from site was very positive with confirmation that the polyurethane primary panels and modules for both decks were standing up well to the high tonnage demands whilst screening efficiently.

Fast forward to November 2022, TEMA ISENMANN engineers Maurice Bishton and Andrew Cox were invited to the quarry to conduct a full deck inspection. Both were delighted to discover that although approximately 1.5 million tonnes of material had been fed to the screen, the screening media was still in good working order with plenty of service life remaining. TEMA ISENMANN had offered a product lifetime guarantee of 1,000,000 tonnes feed which at the time of reporting has been exceeded by 50%.

The Maintenance Manager of the quarry has given his upbeat feedback,” as a customer and user of TEMA ISENMANN screen media at the quarry we have been using the Isecord panels and WS85 modules for the past 12 months on our scalping screen with primary crushed stone. We have found them to be of excellent quality, being very robust and hard wearing with longevity in their initial structure which eliminates any pegging and trapped rock. This also reduces the possibility of any blockages during production”

It was concluded by site “Our screen fitters are pleased with their performance and have continued to request spares of the same.”

Off the back of this success and a further UK primary installation in December 2022, Sales Engineers from TEMA ISENMANN are spreading the word of the triumphant results.

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