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Tema Isenmann Ltd

Tema Isenmann Ltd
4 Great Central Way
Woodford Halse
NN11 3PZ
United Kingdom


Isenmann, founded in 1949 was taken over by Hein Lehmann in the mid 50's and thus was able to share Hein Lehmann's wealth of experience.

The first polyurethane screens were manufactured in the mid 60's with Isenmann manufacturing polyurethane screens from 1973 with the introduction of stretched tensioned versions, flat versions, flat screen panels in frames and system screen panels.

The interchangeable screen system was introduced in 1978 with the WS 43 system, followed by WS 80 in 1980, WS 83 in 1983 and WS 85 in 1984 resulting in a very successful screening system backed by a great deal of experience. Further developments are centred around this system with its typical dimensions.


WS 85 Modular System:
ISEPREN WS 85 is the proven industry standard, the most versatile and cost effective modular system. It achieves excellent results with all separation sizes in many applications including: Sand and Gravel, Granite, Quartzite, Silica Sand, Limestone, Coal and Ironworks Materials.

ISEPREN screens are manufactured in different designs using different polyurethane-systems and different grades of hardness, depending on the application.

Tema Isenmann supply a full range of screen systems including woven wire, harp sieves, rubber and polyurethane in tensioned and modular formats.

Our mission is to deliver screening solutions, not a piece of plastic with holes.
In other words, we do not merely apply standard design products to non-standard requirements. We offer a complete line of screening systems designed for efficient, productive separation of materials ranging in size from fine powder to primary scalping all of which are made to your specifications with apertures from 0.1mm to 250mm.

  • Durable injection molded or open cast polyurethane modules
  • Choice of urethane hardness
  • Widest selection of apertures
  • Various panel lengths
  • Reduced noise
  • Longest service life
  • Consistent product quality and accuracy of separation
  • Custom applications are always a welcome challenge

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