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With the rise in many European cities insisting that Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) must not produce harmful emissions, the need for electrified vehicles is growing.  Webasto, better known for producing heating and cooling systems, has developed a standardised, modular battery pack for all types of commercial EVs. 

The renowned 35 kW, 400 V pack in the Webasto CV Standard Battery System has been designed to be used in series or modular format to support 800 V requirements. The driving force behind the design of the modular system was to create the power needed to meet the higher voltage demands of NRMM whilst minimising any downtime.

A key consideration when electrifying machinery is the ability to keep the machinery working consistently and in all temperatures.  The modular battery packs developed by Webasto are interchangeable therefore can be swapped over with fully charged packs when required and on site.  Charging of the boxes can be done off site, meaning there is no need to remove the entire machine from site.

However, the main benefit of a Webasto CV Battery System is the Thermal Management System and Vehicle Interface Box (VIB).  The primary VIB controls secondary BMS units in each battery module, therefore balancing the current flow from each one. As well as enabling communication between individual hardware components and corresponding software, the VIB also serves as the interface between the batteries and the vehicle, combining the functions of a power distributor, BMS and fuse box in a single enclosure. 

In addition, the modules use aluminium cooling plates on the bottom of each of two layers of packs inside the modules. This avoids having to use liquid cooling within the pack so there is no risk of coolant leaking.

With Webasto you are guaranteed a battery system that will ensure your machinery works harder for longer.

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