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Hundreds of recycling services professionals from the most demanding markets like Germany, the USA, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Great Britain have chosen recycling machines from Pronar. So far 40 machines delivered by this Polish
manufacturer can be found in the UK alone with a number of units pending delivery. This is no coincidence and could not be achieved without a great value for money and a wide portfolio of recycling machines.

The current line-up of Pronar recycling machines consists of five mobile shredders, eight trommel screens, five stackers and a compost turner – a total of 20. These are versatile machines that are prepared for hard work even in toughest environment. With numerous options and high flexibility of designing new features, every machine can be tailored according to the customer needs.

The Pronar mobile trommel screens range consists of eight models with four available drums sizes, with dimensions varying from 4.4m length x 1.4m diameter up to 7.2 m length x 2.0 m diameter. The numbers which come with each model indicate the drum size, so in
example MPB 20.55 means that the drum diameter is 2.0m and its length 5.5 m.MPB 14.44, MPB 18.47, MPB 20.55 and MPB 20.72 come with wheeled chassis as standard. This provides easy machine transport for multi-site companies or hire fleets, especially on
short or medium distances. The three largest models can be upgraded to a tracked version which provides a greater stability and makes these suitable to work in difficult terrain. Tracked machines are marked as MPB 18.47g, MPB 20.55g
and MPB 20.72g.

The most advanced trommel from Pronar is an MPB 20.55gh which is fitted on a special frame lifted by four hydraulic cylinders. This mechanism allows the user to level the machine and operate normally on an uneven surface.

All Pronar mobile trommels are equipped with Danfoss hydraulic system, central greasing system and robot made original Pronar drums
tailored to the customer needs.

Additionally, Pronar trommels can be equipped with a wide range of optional equipment such as: magnetic rollers, air separator, stone grid protection over the loading hopper, reversible fans for cleaning engine and hydraulic oil radiators (Cleanfix), additional working lights, air compressor, set of additional safety covers, various belt types on conveyors and many more.

The next part of Pronar portfolio are primary shredders. It consists of five machines - three versions of MRW 2.85 model, MRW 2.1010 and MRW 1.300.

MRW 2.85 comes in wheeled, tracked and hooklift variants. They all share the same efficiency and working parameters. The main part is a shredding system with two shafts. Each shaft has eight rings with various numbers of knives fitted on each ring depending on which material type is to be shredded.

Furthermore, the hooklift shredder can be delivered either with a diesel engine which increases mobility, or an electric motor which can
significantly reduce the machine running cost.

The biggest twin-shaft shredder from Pronar is the MRW 2.1010. Because of its massive 40-tonnes + weight, is only available on tracks. With almost 2.5 metres long shafts, each equipped with 10 rings with 10 knives and driven by a powerful 768 HP diesel engine, it can shred even the toughest materials.

A recent addition to the PRONAR portfolio is the MRW 1.300, slowspeed shredder with a single 3m long shaft. This machine is generating a lot of interest from recycling services professionals as it is particularly efficient in processing household, green and wood
waste. A very convenient feature is the easy knife exchange on the shaft with no need for hard facing.

All slow speed shredders delivered from Pronar are well equipped, as they come as standard with remote control, central greasing system and double reversible fans (Cleanfix) for keeping engine and hydraulic oil
radiators clean.

The list of additional options includes various shafts for shredding different materials, breaking bars, magnetic separator, as well as other elements to improve the versatility and performance of the machine.

Pronar is also rapidly developing its stacker range, the MPT series, with five models currently available. The most common are the MPT 15g, 18/1g and 24/1g, capable of transporting the material with 400 t/h efficiency. Two further models are available - MPT 18g
and MPT 24g - belong to a Heavy-Duty line with material transport efficiency up to 600 t/h (depending on the options selected and inclination of the machine).

With these machines stockpiling is very efficient and easy. The MPT 15g can make a 7.4 m high pile. The bigger brothers MPT 18/1g and 24/1g can go up to 8.7 and 10.6 m respectively. For the MPT 18g stockpiling ability is the same as for 18/1g, while for
24g – 0.7m better. What makes the Heavy-Duty line stand out is that it can be equipped with a direct feeding hopper. It makes loading of the stacker efficient with the use of a typical loader.

The machine that supports Pronar range in the composting industry is the windrow turner - MBA 4512g. The machine was designed to cope with prisms up to 4.5m wide and 2.2m high. Equipped with 1.2 m diameter shaft it can be as efficient as 3200 m3/h. The user will appreciate a spacious air-conditioned cabin, fitted with large touch screen that allows setting of all working parameters, two ergonomic joysticks and a comfortable seat. What is more, you can look around the machine without leaving the cabin thanks to four cameras which combine single images into one surround view.

The maintenance works are easy thanks to hydraulically opened engine covers and well positioned drain points for exchanging the liquids.

To deliver all these products to global markets Pronar has invested massively into its own Research and Development Centre and a strong design team consisting of 150 engineers. What is exciting is that Pronar has a lot of new designs in development including a completely new range of stackers, a brand new model of slow speed shredder, another trommel and a specialized shredder to process the wood waste.

Keep an eye out for more Pronar news in the coming months.

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