Second CRS Trommel Fines System installed in Thorncliffe following the success of the first system.

Once again CRS have provided the solution to the trommel fines problem for Thorncliffe Building Supplies. CRS are renowned for their trommel fines clean-up system, which comprises their award winning patented flip flow screen. Time after time, customers have chosen this option for their trommel fines solution for the same reasons, robust build, cleaner material and consistent results.

Thorncliffe Building Supplies
Thorncliffe Building Supplies is one of the largest independent builder’s merchant in North Wales and the North West of England. They provide a range of waste management solutions for domestic and commercial customers and operate a dedicated waste management and recycling facility, which diverts waste from landfill. They provide a comprehensive skip hire service with extensive choice for a range of purposes and provide a trade waste collection service for commercial premises and a muck away service for the construction industry.

Thorncliffe operate a sustainable licensed waste management and recycling facility for domestic, commercial and construction waste. From tipping to site clearances, they provide an efficient and cost-effective waste management solution. Within their waste handling facility, they strive to recycle as much material as possible and turn what is left into a valuable resource to divert waste away from landfill.

Thorncliffe strive to offer the most competitive service, helping their customers to reduce annual waste management costs and therefore require a plant which guaranteed them high production and low maintenance.

The relationship began between CRS and Thorncliffe over 5 years ago when they were looking for a solution for their trommel fines for their site in Abergele. Their request was to process C&D & C&I material so it was essential that the plant was extremely robust and could withstand the most abrasive materials at high throughput. The first plant was a CRS fines system which further processed trommel fines produced on site.

Following the success of the trommel fines system, Thorncliffe came back to CRS for a solution for their complete recycling facility; which expanded their facility to enable them to achieve an additional MSW waste stream. This facility included a shredder, trommel, air separation unit, manual picking, baling and wrapping. Due to expansion, Thorncliffe acquired a site in Mold, where initially CRS installed a feeding system, trommel and a picking station as phase 1 of a two phase development. The second phase has now been completed with the installation of the trommel fines system on their new site.

Thorncliffe’s new plant is currently recycling existing trommel fines produced on site. The material currently being recycled is mostly MSW from council collections together with C&D & C&I waste.

CRS trommel fines system process
The trammel fines material is broken up immediately from the loading hopper with a regulating drum, where metal is immediately recovered through a twin pole high powered magnet conveyor.

Fines are then removed with an aggressive flip flow screen that can cope with extremely damp, sticky material. The material is then fed through an air separation unit which further separates the larger hard core from the light material. This ASU unit is a unique double drum air separation unit with flip flow screen is the only system of its kind on the market and enhances CRS’s already patented and high performing direct drive flip flow system driving both decks ensuring maximum agitation.

It is a unique design using two high powered fans directed through two separate adjustable air nozzles working in conjunction with the double drums to produce an even cleaner material and a more effective separation.

Results & Success
Tim Harper, Managing Director - Thorncliffe Recycling, commented, “Due to the success of our first CRS Fines Recovery System installed over 5 years ago we continued to invest in a complete turnkey plant with CRS and have now just installed our second fines recovery system for a new site, to expand our business and provide an efficient and cost-effective waste management solution.”

Sean Conlon, Managing Director of CRS NI Ltd commented, “We have worked with Thorncliffe for over 5 years and built a great relationship to understand their specific requirements to provide them with waste solutions over the last few years and we are delighted to now install our second Fines Recovery System.”

Not only do CRS offer a static option for trommel fines recovery they also offer a mobile version.

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