Shell and CRH sign agreement to accelerate progress on decarbonisation

Shell and CRH have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) whereby both businesses will work together to develop and deploy decarbonisation solutions and technologies to accelerate their progress towards net zero emissions.  


The agreement will see Shell and CRH work together to explore decarbonisation opportunities across transport, operations, and materials. The solutions include, but are not limited to, vehicle electrification and charging infrastructure to reduce transport emissions; deploying low-carbon fuels for off-road equipment and renewable electricity to power facilities; and developing low-carbon asphalt solutions.   


Shell and CRH believe that collaboration is key to moving at speed and scale to unlock new and innovative decarbonisation solutions. By working together, we hope to maximise learning and knowledge sharing to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon solutions and technologies that will help both companies to reach net zero.   


Shell and CRH will start work together immediately to begin delivering progress on decarbonisation across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. 

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