Successful 2022 European Dealer Conference for Doosan

Under the theme of UNITE 2022, Doosan held the company’s European Dealer Conference in Barcelona from 4-6 April 2022. The company normally organizes these meetings every two years and the last one was held in Lisbon in February 2020.

The event had an audience of 182 attendees, 134 of which were Doosan European dealers from 22 countries. Among the attendees were members of the Hyundai Doosan Infracore executive team from Korea, as well as managers from various areas of the company.

Mr Seunghyun Oh, CEO of Hyundai Doosan Infracore, opened the day with a keynote speech about Hyundai Doosan Infracore globally. He spoke about the company's achievements, product portfolio, proven product quality, opportunities and new technologies for the future.

Mr Oh also described the global market outlook and the strategic direction of the company. He confirmed the record market share in Doosan’s markets including wheel loaders and crawler excavators, with record sales in 2021.

Mr Oh also reminded the audience of the great development capacity at Doosan, with the launch of 20 new machines last year and the multiple international awards won by various Doosan models.

Dealer Awards Across Europe

Some of the dealers attending made presentations about their trajectory and growth, sharing their experiences with the rest of the audience. This was followed by a panel discussion, break-out working sessions, a gala dinner and team-building entertainment activities. Several performance awards for dealers from across Europe were announced at the dinner, including:

Sales Excellence                               Pioneer Plant (UK)

Sales Excellence                               Doosia AB       (Sweden)

Marketing Excellence                       Garnea, a.s. (Czech Republic)

Product Expertise                             Real Machinery (Finland)

Product Expertise                             Ummenhofer Baumaschinen GmbH (Germany)

Service Excellence                           James Gordon (UK)

Parts Sales Excellence         Grausch y Grausch     (Poland)

Under the UNITE 2022 theme, the presentations at the Doosan conference showed the participants that they were all united by their passion for construction equipment, the Doosan brand, the best product - innovative and competitive, and that they also shared the success and recognition of customer satisfaction with the brand and service, which together resulted in ever stronger and more united dealers.

The conference also emphasized the company's slogan, ‘Powered by Innovation‘, defining innovation as one of the pillars of the company, including its vision as a world leader in infrastructure solutions. The event also confirmed health, safety and the environment as the number one management priority.

On a final note, in lieu of corporate gifts for attendees, Doosan decided instead to make a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the international medical humanitarian organization. As we all know one country where the help of MSF is much needed now is Ukraine and teams from the organisation are working hard to deliver emergency medical aid to people still in Ukraine, as well as those now seeking safety in neighbouring countries.

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