Sustainable construction with fly ash - an update for Europe

The European Green Deal and especially the Climate Law (EC/2021/1119) impact not only the operation of power plants and by this the production of e.g. fly ash, but also the transport sector and the energy efficiency of buildings. To achieve the goal of carbon neutral electricity member states have already announced coal phase-out dates and work toward increased electricity production by other solutions. However, in Europe still about 100 mt of coal combustion products are produced each year. In addition, especially fly ash is re-used from stocks when available and is also imported.

For carbon neutrality of constructions and construction products especially fly ash is subject of increasing interest, especially for production of carbon-reduced cement and concrete. The declaration of sustainability factors is a must for future production, also data base entries for planners.

The report gives an update on the diverging developments of market needs and options by CCPs.

Fabrice Fayola is CEO of SURSCHISTE, specialist of fly ash since 1959, with a long experience in harvesting stockpile for 50 years and in processing ash in drying, mixing for more than 30 years. SURSCHISTE is now EP Power Minerals with the objective to develop Cementitious activities.

In adding, Fabrice Fayola is president of ECOBA, the European Combustion Association, in charge to promote the use and development of byproducts.

Ecoba is also member of WWCCPN, international association.

The Cementitious Materials International Technical and Trade Congress (Casablanca, Morocco, April 18 and 19, 2024) will debate various sustainable cementitious materials including ashes, slags, clays, fumes, pozzolana and innovative building materials derived from construction debris and demolition waste. The congress is bringing together traders, logistics, supply chain professionals to disucss trading flows as well as specialists showing how these alternative raw materials can be used in cement production and construction projects around the world.

Fabrice Fayola, President of ECOBA: The European Green Deal and especially the Climate Law (EC/2021/1119) impact not only the operation of power plants and by this the production of e.g. fly ash, but also the transport sector and the energy efficiency of buildings. To achieve the goal of carbon neutral electricity member states have already announced coal phase-out dates and work toward increased electricity production by other solutions. However, in Europe still about 100 mt of coal combustion products are produced each year. In addition, especially fly ash is re-used from stocks when available and is also imported. It will be my pleasure to showcase every work done by ECOBA to improve the ash use and reduce CO2 in cement and concrete.

Beatrice Ene, Managing Director Industry Link:  We are honored to be endorsed by the most important organization in Europe on Coal Combustion as the Congress is offering professionals from the industry a unique platform for sharing insights, innovative research, and discussing future sustainable construction trends.