Sustainable Solutions for Washing, Crushing & Screening

PowerX Equipment are committed to finding sustainable solutions for crushing, screening, and washing of aggregates. They are continually reviewing their equipment options and have recently added the new Powerscreen® Hybrid range to their product offering.

The Powerscreen® Hybrid range has been designed to give customers alternative energy options to operate their range of crushing, screening, and conveying equipment. The Hybrid Machine range has been dramatically enhanced to include more fully electric crushers and screens as well as models powered by innovative combinations of diesel and electricity. These options offer a choice of which fuel to use, depending upon cost, location, and availability.

Hybrid machines will be of particular interest for those who operate in an area where electricity is more cost effective than diesel fuel, where diesel engine noise is unwanted or on sites where electricity is the preferred energy source.

There are many benefits of switching to hybrid equipment. In addition to the reduced environmental impact of using diesel as the sole fuel source, operating costs can also be reduced by lowering fuel consumption. Depending on set-up, machine uptime can be increased due to reduced refuelling and engine servicing.

Hybrid Crushers

The Powerscreen®  Premiertrak 420E Jaw Crusher is a mid-range crusher used in recycling, quarrying, and mining applications. The crusher features a 1070mm x 760mm (42’’ x 30’’) single toggle jaw chamber. As part of Powerscreen’s hybrid range, the 420E has been designed to give customers alternative energy options to operate on site.

The Premiertrak 600E Jaw Crusher is designed for large scale operators who desire high production in recycling, quarrying, construction and demolition, and mining applications. Both the 600 and 600E models come equipped with the high performance 1200mm x 820mm Terex chamber. The 600E comes complete with an onboard diesel generator. This machine can be powered from the generator or from an external power supply, with sufficient excess power available to run a second machine (such as a screener).

The high performance Powerscreen®  1000E Maxtrak Cone Crusher offers operators the flexibility to power the plant either by mains electricity or an on-board genset power-pack. Either power option presents the operator with significant power along with service and maintenance cost savings. This energy efficient and productive machine incorporates the proven 1000 Automax Cone Crusher with direct electric drive, automatic tramp relief, and hydraulic closed side setting (CSS) adjustment.

Hybrid Screeners

The Powerscreen® Chieftain 1400 is one of Powerscreen’s most popular screening products and is ideally suited for small to medium sized operators and contractors who require a versatile product capable of operating in a number of applications such as sand and gravel, aggregates, and recycling. User benefits include hydraulic folding conveyors for a quick set-up time, screen walkways and access ladders for ease of maintenance, and a drop-down tail conveyor to aid screen media changes. The Chieftain 1700 is also available as a hybrid.

The Powerscreen® Chieftain 2100X is designed for medium to large scale operators who require large volumes of high specification product. The screenbox can be finely tuned to suit the application with its adjustable stroke, angle, and speed. Featuring quick set up times and maximum mobility, low ground pressure tracks - an operator can have the unit operational in minutes.

Serviceability is a priority on the Chieftain 2100X with its transverse power unit arrangement and a drop-down fines conveyor facility to aid bottom deck mesh changes. The Chieftain 2200 is also available as a hybrid.

The Powerscreen® Warrior 1400XE is a flexible screening machine, aimed at operators who require a high performing, heavy duty, versatile machine that remains easy to transport. It offers improved performance, lower operating costs, and easier serviceability while building on the reliable foundation of our class-leading Warrior 1400 scalper. A variety of media solutions mean that the Warrior 1400X is extremely efficient in scalping, screening, and recycling applications and it can process mixed demolition waste including green waste, soil, concrete, wood, and asphalt. The main benefit of the Warrior 1400XE is the variety of power options available. It can be self-powered with its own 72kVA generator or be connected to a mains electricity supply for even further reductions in cost of ownership. Other Warrior models are available as hybrids including the 1800, 2100 and 2400.

The Powerscreen® H6203R Horizontal Screen is ideal for handling high volumes of sticky materials and for the exact, fine sizing demanded in many construction contracts. The H6203R model features a recirculating swivel conveyor for oversized product. The conveyor is used to return product back to the feeder. Adjustable elliptical throw combines linear and circular amplitude producing an aggressive screening action. This is a heavy-duty screen designed to excel in a variety of applications such as concrete, iron ore, aggregate, and asphalt.

Hybrid Conveyors

Fitted with an electric hydraulic drive, in conjunction with the standard hydraulic drive, the conveyor can be run as a standard diesel or connected to an external electricity supply, including a Powerscreen® crusher. Hybrid technology is also available on the NEW HL75 Organics model which combines the highly versatile Chieftain Feeder system and stockpiling conveyor, allowing the operator to directly discharge from wheel loaders to eliminate the double handling of material on site. An auger at the hopper outlet provides an aeration and untangling solution of organic materials. The high capacity, customized hopper design efficiently transfers and prevents the bridging of materials for stockpiling.

Washing Systems - Terex® Greenline Engineered Recycling Solutions

In addition to the Powerscreen Hybrid range, PowerX Equipment are also official distributors of Terex® Greenline Engineered Recycling Solutions which helps reduce waste and water consumption.

Wet processing recycling is the ultimate technology for material recovery and reconditioning, which can be applied across a broad spectrum of feed materials to produce recovered valuable sands and aggregates, quite often from a ‘waste’ material otherwise destined for landfill.

Terex® Greenline Engineered Recycling Solutions package together PowerX Equipment’s extensive process experience, wet processing products, AquaClear water management solutions, and renowned Terex Crushing technologies to provide balanced, end-to-end processing systems for various materials from 30tph right through to 300tph, in an out-of-the-box approach, whilst maintaining the ability to easily tailor for particularly specialist applications.



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