Turnkey Aggregate Washing Solutions

Molson Washing complete the installation of a CDE aggregate washing plant at Wroxton Fields Quarry to recover sand & clean aggregate from a former ironstone mine in Oxfordshire….

The Old Wroxton Ironstone Works was originally established in 1917 and became the second largest site of its kind in the country. At its peak, it was producing 2 million tonnes per year and was served by the rail network. The current Wroxton Fields Quarry, near Banbury, encompasses 68ha of substantial ironstone reserves suitable for construction fills.

Utilising the latest in aggregate washing technology from the Molson aggregate washing manufacturer partner CDE, the expert Molson Washing team have handed over a turnkey aggregate washing plant to Earthline that will recover graded aggregates and sand with a distinctive colour, thanks to the materials high iron oxide content.

Capable of processing up to 150t per hour, this state-of-the-art system has been designed and installed, through to client handover by Molson Washing. By taking this approach, Earthline have been able to take advantage of the substantial experience and expertise of the Molson Washing team, whilst simplifying their supply chain and not requiring multiple suppliers to complete this complex project.

With the feedstock fed into the plant via a Terex Finlay 390 screener, the material feed is regulated at an even, steady flow. From the 390, the material goes directly into a CDE M1500 water boiling box to pre-soak the material prior to the sand rinsing screen with an integrally mounted Evowash sand system. This system introduces water to the material in order to break it apart, separating the +4mm element which continues through to a CDE AggMax 163R.

The -4mm material is then pumped by two sand pumps through the system which utilises both hydra-cyclones and a de-watering screen to break apart and then separate the material into a course and fine sand product.  The coarse sand(also known as sharp sand) is a commonly used material in the construction industry. Whilst the fine sand is then able to be utilised in the manufacture of other construction products, such as mortar or brickwork or cable sand.

The +4mm product is fed directly into a CDE AggMax 163R log washer. The log washer breaks apart sticky material by virtue of severe stone on stone attrition and the material is moved up through a water bath. This is fitted with paddles aligned in fan arrangement to maximise both the efficiency and lifespan of the log wash shaft & components, whilst ensuring maximum productivity. To ensure the highest quality finished products, at this stage any lightweight contamination is removed and recovered utilising a trash screen.

The remaining material is then dropped onto a rinsing screen, recovering three sized gravel products. Any residual sand generated is then recovered & sent back to be processed by the Evowash system.

Phillip Copelstone, Earthline Managing Director said, “We have worked with John and the team at Molson Washing for some time now. Their approach means that we can come to one supplier from start to finish, which allows us to concentrate on our bread and butter rather than tying up resource managing a number of contractors to complete this sort of project.

Aggregate washing and the equipment required is a complex subject, so having a team with the knowledge and resources that Molson Washing has is essential for me. I know that with John and the team, I will get the right answer – not a quick answer.”

John Dunne, Molson Washing Director said, “We have a great working relationship with Phillip and his team. They have a clear understanding on what they want to achieve and work with us to make sure their production goals are met. We understand that product demands can change. So, we always use our experience to make sure the plant is as versatile as possible to potential changes in requirements, whilst meeting the demands of today.”

A unique customer proposition of Molson Washing is the ability to offer a complete solution, including the machinery to load and move material around their wash plant, thanks to the extensive range offered by other Molson Group divisions. This allows customers to simplify their supply chain further, whilst maximising their buying power with a “Single Source Supply”, strategy.

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