Understanding Bulk Particulate behaviour

The short course calendar relating to bulk materials handling issues is now out.

Particulate materials used in the processing industry can often cause major disruptions to production whether through build-up in hoppers, de-blending, uneven weights when packing, degradation, dust build-up……the problems go on.

Experts at the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology have put together a series of training courses to help delegates identify potential issues before they become a major headache and advise on how to help solve or avoid the problems that may otherwise occur. Courses provide delegates with the information to recognise plant issues that may occur and how to avoid them using presentations, case studies and video/hands -on demonstrations

Once again we offer the popular general courses:

  • Storage and Discharge of Bulk Materials; A basic course covering the operation, design and specifications of hoppers and silos for reliable discharge;
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids; Identification of components of pneumatic conveying systems, system selection and design techniques;
  • Overview of Particulate Handling Technology; An introduction to the storing and handling of bulk materials, equipment selection and design methodologies for safe and reliable plant;

As well as some of the more specialised courses such as

  • Biomass Operations and Handling Technology; An investigation of issues surrounding the safe handling and storage of different biomass materials;
  • Port and Terminal Operations for Bulk Cargoes; Bulk materials handling and safety issues at ports and at sea;
  • Design of Equipment for Storing and Discharging Bulk Materials; Assessment of storage and handling requirements of bulk materials for drawing up specifications and designing hoppers and silos;

The full calendar with content for each course and registration details can be found here

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