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Did you know about New Bitumen Hazardous area requirements?

Bitumen systems are currently being assessed and reclassified as hazardous area installations under the guidance from the HSE and DSEAR regulations. To meet the explosion protection certification requirements, this means potentially the need for new control panels, upgrades, cabling, and new instrumentation. VEGA has years of experience supplying ATEX/UKEX approved sensors and panels to meet industry requirements, visit our stand to see our devices and panels and discuss how we can help with the best technical and cost-effective solutions.

Reliable Level Measurement for solids and liquids level control and indication: From our latest, THE 6X a new generation of radar sensor, to highly affordable, non-contact radar sensors for level measurement for silos, stackers, tanks, and IBC’s. They are using the latest technology, with no loss of echo from filling, dust, or fumes, yet with the simplest selection and set up.

Remote inventory system: Battery-powered remote systems, for bulk solids or liquids - with high availability with full in-house fully redundant high-availability IT system, servicing, and support. Securely share data, from ‘sensor to software to screen’ from one manufacturer.

Abrasion-proof pressure sensors Long lasting, high-accuracy, flush-mounting, for measurement in pipelines, density measurement, pneumatic conveying, and silo pressure monitoring.

Conveyor mass flow measurement non-contact, low maintenance solution for all types of conveyor systems.

Point level switches high- and low-level detection for silos and tanks 

Non-contact blockage and object detection Safe, microwave based, from conveyors, chutes and hoppers to trucks and equipment safety.

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