ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert Systems

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems complement your safety initiative by providing an additional layer of defence to workplace safety.

At ZoneSafe, we offer a flexible, practical solution to reducing pedestrian/vehicle collisions, giving you confidence that your worksite is as safe as possible. Zonesafe is manufactured in the UK by Avonwood Developments Ltd. and works with a network of resellers to serve a global customer base across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians remains one of the greatest risks of serious injury and fatality in the workplace. Total segregation of people and vehicles is the most effective way to prevent collisions but isn’t always an option on worksites limited by layout and in small spaces. ZoneSafe ensures any industrial workplace can reduce the risk of vehicle/pedestrian collisions by making segregation possible even in the most challenging environments.

With more than 30 years experience, we understand your safety concerns and have developed a flexible system that fits seamlessly into most workplaces.

How it works:

ZoneSafe uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to identify hazards and alert users, helping to reduce accidents, collisions, and serious near-miss occurrences when working with plant and materials handling equipment.

Pedestrians working in proximity wear lightweight ZoneSafe tags attached to workwear, a lanyard, armband or even worn in a pocket. The proximity tags become a normal part of your workplace personal protective equipment (PPE).

The system works by creating an invisible detection zone around the vehicle, hazard, high risk area, or drop zone. When tagged personnel enter the detection zone, an audible/visual alarm alerts users to risk, enabling them to stop their activity and avoid collision. ZoneSafe tags do not require line of sight and operate regardless of the level of visibility in the environment, and can ‘see’ around corners, obstructions, and blind spots.

Each proximity warning safety solution can be used as a stand-alone system or combined to create a complete site-wide safety solution.

ZoneSafe incorporates a cloud-based data management tool for data logging and real time event recording that helps you identify the most common workplace hazards and high-risk zones around the pedestrian-plant interface. This data is key in pinpointing the root cause of accidents and can be used to adjust procedures and tailor training programmes.

System features

  • 360-degree detection around vehicles/hazards
  • Single or multiple detection zones
  • Adjustable 3-9 metre detection range
  • Audio/visual alarm to alert users to hazards
  • Accurate detection regardless of obstruction, blind spots and poor visibility
  • Systems can be used individually or combined to create a complete solution
  • Integrate with a vehicles slow down system to limit speed
  • Automatically activate warning systems such as signage, prior to vehicles entering an area
  • Cloud-based management tool with data dashboard, analytics, event data and logging

Activated Warning & Alert Systems

ZoneSafe Activated Warning & Alert Systems can be set up to trigger gates, barriers and signage without the need for tagging people.  Pedestrian workers are alerted to vehicles nearby or approaching through flashing lights, traffic lights, activated signage, floor projections or automatic locks. This enhances the safety of your worksite at corners, in blind spots and at crossing points.

Why choose ZoneSafe?

  • Improve the overall safety culture of your business
  • Protect your employer reputation internally and externally
  • Help your employees to feel safe at work
  • Create a safe working environment for everyone
  • Protect your people every single day
  • Take a preventative approach
  • Improve workplace behaviour and address complacency

Our approach

Protecting people and assets on a busy worksite can be challenging but everyone deserves to be safe at work. We work with customers to get to know you and find the best possible solution for your business.

ZoneSafe offers a tailored safety solution to meet customer needs and specific work environments. The adaptable system can be applied to almost any workplace following consultation and  site trial.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Book your free safety consultation
  2. Get an on-site demo
  3. Protect your workers and site visitors.

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