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ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems (Avonwood)

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems (Avonwood)
Knoll Technology Centre
Stapehill Rd
BH21 7ND
United Kingdom

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ZoneSafe: A Safer Workplace, A Safer Workforce

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems, manufactured by Avonwood Developments Ltd, provide a range of practical safety solutions to help reduce accidents, collisions, and serious near-miss occurrences when working with plant and materials handling equipment.

ZoneSafe increases visibility and awareness, improves performance, and positively changes organisational and workforce behaviours. ZoneSafe solutions enhance worker safety across the quarrying, recycling and bulk handling industries.



Vehicle to Person alert Shovel Loader

Vehicle to Person alert Forklift

Vehicle to Vehicle Anti-Collision

Walkway & Crossing Alert

Asset Protection

Hazard Alert

Personnel Access Control

Vehicle Access Control

Vehicle Detection Unit