ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems complement your safety initiative

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning Systems complement your safety initiative by providing an additional layer of defence to workplace safety.

At ZoneSafe, we offer a flexible, practical solution to reducing pedestrian/vehicle collisions, giving you confidence that your worksite is as safe as possible. Zonesafe is manufactured in the UK by Avonwood Developments Ltd. and works with a network of resellers to serve a global customer base across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians remains one of the greatest risks of serious injury and fatality in the workplace. Total segregation of people and vehicles is the most effective way to prevent collisions but isn’t always an option on worksites limited by layout and in small spaces. ZoneSafe ensures any industrial workplace can reduce the risk of vehicle/pedestrian collisions by making segregation possible even in the most challenging environments.

With more than 30 years experience, we understand your safety concerns and have developed a flexible system that fits seamlessly into most workplaces.

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