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Metal Recycling gets the Hardox® Touch
Recycling metal is a tough battle between the recycling equipment and the material being recycled. The right wear parts can add more hours of trouble-free production and minimize the cost for maintenance and standstills. Many metal recycling plants face a situation where every hour of shredding needs one hour of maintenance so changing this in favour of more uptime is key.
Hardox Wearparts® is a global network of wear service centres. They produce parts made of the industry-leading Hardox® wear plate, DuroxiteTM overlay products, Strenx® performance steel and Toolox® engineering & tool steel. Every service centre has access to wear specialists with the latest knowledge in wear part design, production and performance. These top-of-the line steel brands together with repair equipment and on-site services make Hardox Wearparts® centers one-stop shops for wear products and services.
As a global initiative, there are Hardox® Wearparts Centres operating in more than 40 countries around the world. In the UK, there are now 12 strategically located Wearparts Centres, from Scotland in the north, Northern Ireland through to South Wales and South East England covering all the primary industrial centres. Each Hardox® Wearparts Centre has access to the complete product programme and full technical support provided by SSAB for its Hardox® brand, which translates to an extremely comprehensive offering of wear parts and services.
One of the benefits of using Hardox® Wearparts Centres is their access to literally thousands of wear products. Examples of these, and more, can be found at
Accuracy and product quality are key drivers in the business and linked to this significant parts resource, enables replacement wear products to be manufactured, often to higher specification standards, to suit customers specific
operating requirements. Hardox® Wearparts Centres will undertake the complete replacement or upgrade of a wear part, from initial discussion and site visit, specification recommendation, design and manufacture to installation.
With their strategic regional locations, Hardox® Wearparts Centres can often react faster to get replacement wear parts installed quicker than many traditional sources and this, coupled with their knowledge and support through SSAB has proved to be a winning combination for its industry customers.
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